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Juno in the Signs and Houses

What does Juno represent in astrology?

Juno in the signs and houses astrology

Mostly known as the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno is one of the most significant asteroids in astrology and its influence is very similar to Venus. While our Natal Venus represents what we are immediately attracted to, Juno is our attitude on serious commitments.

Additionally, Juno, (being the wife of a womanizing god-Jupiter) shows what triggers our jealousy, doubts and insecurities in a relationship so we can learn from them and heal.

Overall, Juno in your natal chart can give you a better understanding of your ideal partner and style of commitment.

Juno in Houses

Juno in 1st house: You feel more secure and confident in a relationship rather than being single. Your ideal partner is magnetic, independent and affectionate. Someone who is passionate about everything they do in life and able to push you out of your comfort zone. Both of you have dominant personalities, so watch out for dramas.

Juno in 2nd house: Your ideal partner is generous and affluent, someone who can provide material security and comfort to you but also abundant in love and physical affection. Since 2nd house is the house of possessions, it can also mean being committed to accumulation of wealth.

Juno in 3rd house: Your ideal partner is someone who can really understand you, who enjoys learning and sharing new things, who is good at expressing his thoughts and emotions. Communication is the centerpiece of your relationships.

Juno in 4th house: You value peace, comfort and sentimentality in a relationship. Your ideal partner needs to feel like a home to you- they need to create a blissful and nurturing atmosphere around you. The type of partner who enjoys a cozy night in or decorating their home. On the other hand, they may be overly protective and jealous at times.

Juno in 5th house: Your Ideal Partner is fun, adventurous and creative . Someone who has infinite enthusiasm towards love and pleasure. In your relationships, you enjoy romantic gestures that sweep you off your feet. On the other hand, they may be needing your constant attention. Children may play an important role in the relationship, or the partner may be too childish at times.

Juno in 6th house: 6th house Juno represents a need for a reliable, skillful partner who is able to cooperate with you on every aspect of daily life. You may be working together, or meet in a work related environment. Alternatively, it may mean being married to your work.

Juno in 7th house: One on one relationships mean a lot to you, whether it be professional or romantic. You desire a connection that lasts a lifetime, with someone who is trustworthy and shares the same values with you. Your ideal partner is attentive and devoted. On the other hand, you both may have codependent tendencies, or insecurities about being alone.

Juno in 8th house: 8th house Juno is intense. Your ideal partner is passionate, committed and protective, but at the same time it may be someone who is possessive and dramatic. The relationship is deeply transformative, and there may be some karmic lessons along the way dealing with money, sex and power. You may be sharing assets with your partner.

Juno in 9th house: Natal Juno in 9th may represent marriage with a foreigner, travel or different cultural backgrounds with your partner. Your ideal partner values independence, spirituality and self growth, and also they are an intellectual match to you. Alternatively, it may mean being committed to a belief system or religion.

Juno in 10th house: Your ideal partner is intelligent, sociable, someone who is dedicated to their career and public image. The way you represent yourselves to the outside world will play an important role in this relationship. You may meet this person through your social or professional circle.

Juno in 11th house: You desire a partner who is genuine, sociable and affectionate, but most importantly a true friend to you. You may meet this person through friends, or become friends before lovers. You both value freedom and people who can broaden your horizons.

Juno in 12th house: Your ideal partner has a unique character in some way, possibly someone who is reserved, quiet and deeply spiritual. There may be some restrictions around the connection and\or relationship may start as a secret. The relationship may also feel destined or karmic. There may be a sacrifice involved, or they may need your constant care and attention.

Juno in Signs

Juno in Aries: Your ideal partner is a lover and a fighter: Someone who is bold, direct, but also a fun companion. On the other hand, problems may arise if they are arrogant, aggressive and bossy.

Juno in Taurus: Your ideal partner is not only resourceful and dependable, but also indulgent in physical senses and pleasures. You both enjoy decadence and luxury. Physical attraction is important to you.

Juno in Gemini: You appreciate a quick witted partner who never runs out of topics to converse with you. This way, your relationship always feels expansive, free, with a touch of light fun. On the other hand, you or your partner may have insecurities on commitment.

Juno in Cancer: You seek deep love and security in a relationship. Ideally, a sweet, sensitive partner who is thrifty and nurturing around their home and family. On the other hand, clinginess may be an issue in the relationship.

Juno in Leo: What you need in a partner is generosity and warmth. Someone who is confident in themselves and who can also make you feel very special. In this relationship, there will be big displays of affection and dramatic fights, somewhat theatrical. On the other hand, partner may be too egocentric.

Juno in Virgo: Natal Juno in Virgo describes the need for a partner who is always trying to better themselves and those who they care about. They may not be very outwardly affectionate or romantic but, devotion and honesty is often the way they show love. On the other hand, they may be overly critical at times.

Juno in Libra: This means that you crave a partner that will help and balance you. Someone who is calm, kind and fair, as well as well groomed and artistic. However, passive aggressiveness may be an issue here.

Juno in Scorpio: With your natal Juno in Scorpio, what you need is a sexually magnetic and emotionally intense partner who will transform you with true love and devotion. On the other hand, they may be manipulative or controlling.

Juno in Sagittarius: You value a free spirited, humorous and intellectual partner who can expand your horizons. They need to be different and unique in some way- you may be coming from different cultures or share a love for travel and freedom.

Juno in Capricorn: You want a mature, traditionalist partner who is in it for the long haul. Someone who is well behaved, responsible and goal oriented. Almost like a reliable business partner. On the other hand, they may be romantically more reserved and perhaps too conservative.

Juno in Aquarius: Intellectual compatibility is very important to you. You desire a partner who is independent, tolerable and eccentric, loyal- but definitely not needy. On the other hand, they may be rather aloof about expressing their emotions or prefer an open relationship.

Juno in Pisces: Juno in Pisces describes a soft hearted, dreamer type of partner. In your connection, you mostly crave romance and unconditional acceptance. On the other hand, your partner may be slightly moody, or the relationship may be lacking some boundaries.

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