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Best Synastry Aspects in Relationships

What is Synastry?

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In Astrology, synastry chart is used to understand the connection between two people’s natal charts. Think of it as the cosmic map of a couple.

The interaction between the planets is interpreted by planetary aspects. Aspects in synastry can tell us about the dynamic, obstacles and prospects of a relationship.

Some planetary aspects are more harmonious than others, therefore more favorable in a synastry chart. Some synastry aspects may indicate a better chance in a symbiotic, steady relationship, while some may show a deeply passionate, yet less stable connection.

Both of these energies can be in the foundations of a successful, happy relationship if both partners are willing to transform together. However, first we are going to examine some of the most powerful main aspects to look for in any synastry chart, aspects that are often found in a soulmate connection or an unforgettable romance.

1. Sun conjunct Moon: ‘’Have we met before?’’

Sun-Moon conjunction is the classic soulmate aspect.

Sun and Moon interaction creates a yin and yang dynamic, which helps the relationship to evolve and grow. Despite their differences, Sun person feels safe and ‘’at home’’ with the Moon, whereas the Moon feels energized in the warm embrace of the Sun. If you have this synastry aspect in your relationship and you are,

The Moon person, you nurture your partner’s unconscious emotions and desires and dissolve their fears.

If you are the Sun, you are the fire in your partner’s heart. Your light is their creative force to break out of their shell and shine in the world.

2.Venus conjunct Moon: ‘’Hug me, kiss me, never let me go’’

If someone’s Venus is on your Moon, get ready for a fairytale romance.

You will instantly understand each other on a deep emotional level just by looking at each other’s eyes. Whether you are Venus or the Moon person, you will want to give and receive affection constantly. Venus will shower Moon with physical attention and gifts, and the Moon will provide the emotional depths and understanding.

3. Mars conjunct Venus: ‘’You complete me’’

Mars symbolizes male energy, Venus is the female counterpart. When these two create a conjunction, love and passion it creates can dominate the entire synastry chart. Regardless of your and your partner’s genders, your masculine and feminine energies perfectly complement each other. The result is an unforgettable love story, sometimes sweet and gentle, sometimes tumultuous yet always passionate.


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