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Jupiter Aspects in Synastry: To Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars

Jupiter Aspects in Synastry: To Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars

SUN-JUPITER Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Sun and Jupiter are so similar in many ways, that some call Jupiter the second Sun. Jupiter is the planet of higher thinking, whereas Sun represents our conscious mind. Harmonious aspects between the two expand each other’s horizons. Jupiter is a power boost to Sun’s life force, creativity and self-confidence. Sun enjoys travelling along Jupiter, whether in the sense of same spiritual path or having adventures. Challenging aspects may trigger a tendency to overdo things together.

Sun conjunct Jupiter often starts off as an exciting new friendship. This aspect brings partners closer through the enjoyment they bring to one another. They elevate each other’s mind and soul. Differences and arguments are resolved in a healthy way. Not only you aid each other’s personal development by moving in parallel, relationship is also evolving with you. Sun and Jupiter conjunction is mutually optimistic, adventurous and daring, but there is also a tendency to overdo things.

General themes of Sun sextile/trine Jupiter aspects are playfulness, generosity and open mindedness. There is an adorable, lighthearted friendship between the two. Even though both have strong competitive spirits, they like to channel this energy through teasing jokes and flirty games. Jupiter gives a lot of encouragement and support to Sun in achieve their goals.

With hard aspects such as Sun square/opposite Jupiter, clashes of opinions or religious/ philosophical beliefs are likely. Jupiter pushes Sun person towards change and flexibility, most of the time with good intentions. Especially with opposition, Sun person may take this as a threat to their ego. They both get carried away easily with exuberant, confronting, risky behaviors. In order to resolve these energy blockages, both Sun and Jupiter should develop self control and open mindedness.

MOON-JUPITER Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

When Jupiter’s kind, bubbly and generous nature is harmonized with Moon’s nurturing side, an unconditionally accepting and uplifting relationship is indicated. On the other hand, Jupiter likes to explore everything it touches and Moon as the symbol of our subconscious mind, doesn’t want to be disturbed in this area. Challenges of Moon-Jupiter connections are emotional misunderstandings, possessiveness and insecurities.

With Moon conjunct Jupiter in synastry, Jupiter person have a positive influence on Moon’s psyche. In return, Moon person introduces an abundance of nurturing, deep feelings to the connection. They often share similar philosophies in life. More so than romantic attraction, this aspect indicates bonding as friends at first. Emotions may run a little too high at times which can create conflicts.

Moon sextile/trine Jupiter aspects are very similar to conjunction written above. They are characterized by providing emotional support and comfort to one another. Sextiles and trines are also softer aspects, which means that quarrels are less likely.

Moon square/opposite Jupiter are challenging synastry aspects.

With Moon square Jupiter, inner tensions rise. Jupiter person may feel emotionally exhausted trying to satisfy Moon’s emotional needs. Yes, Jupiter is very giving but also values independence. So when Jupiter asks for some space or distances themselves a little bit, Moon person is often riddled with fears of losing their partner.

Moon opposite Jupiter aspect suggests a difficulty in understanding each other’s emotions. Jupiter person, willingly or unwillingly may trigger mood swings and overanxious or overoptimistic behaviors in Moon person. One of the challenges of this opposition is that the relationship struggles finding structure in reality.

VENUS-JUPITER Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Venus-Jupiter is a very charismatic and successful duo. Harmonious aspects between Venus and Jupiter can be found in long term relationships, marriages, business partnerships and friendships. Since both planets bond with their appreciation in having more and more in their life, overindulgence is their biggest challenge.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is signified by fun, pleasure and warmth. They also boost each other’s self confidence and success. Venus person is magnetized by Jupiter’s friendly, generous and open attitude. Jupiter expands Venus’s sensual energy. Both Venus and Jupiter allow each other to retain their individuality, so the relationship is flexible and evolves naturally. On the other hand, they can easily drive each other to excessive behaviors, such as drinking or spending too much.

Venus trine Jupiter is one of the most beautiful aspects found in synastry. It creates the same level of attraction the conjunction written above, but with less intensity. There is a lot of sincerity and generosity flowing between them, which helps problems get resolved easily.

Same as trine, Venus sextile Jupiter partnership has a great potential to succeed as a friendship, business partnership or a romantic relationship. Both Venus and Jupiter introduces positive ideas and opportunities to each other.

When a synastry chart has other hard aspects, Venus trine/sextile Jupiter may help soften these energies.

Venus square Jupiter is a hard aspect which may feel like ‘’too much of a good thing’’. Too playful, extravagant, too lighthearted, and so on.

Just like in square, overindulgence is still a big issue when it comes to Venus opposite Jupiter. This aspect also represents opposing views in interests or philosophies. In order to resolve conflicts in values, both partners should be open minded and adaptable. Venus person may have an urge to cling on/possess Jupiter.

MARS-JUPITER Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Mars-Jupiter connection walks the line between expansive and explosive. Mars as the planet of passion and action is being touched by Jupiter, a planet known to expand everything it touches. As a result, limitless energy is born in between them.

Jupiter and Mars resembles a couple who goes for a hike early in the morning, immediately followed by a mind blowing sex, then they stimulate each other’s mind with exciting conversations.

Mars conjunct Jupiter aspect is bursting with vigorous physical energy: A lot of sex, outdoor activities, satisfying conversations, even financial endeavors. Mars person can help Jupiter develop in life, whereas Jupiter boosts Mars with confidence, enthusiasm and new ideas. They challenge and tease each other a lot, sometimes to the point of frustration.

With Mars trine/sextile Jupiter, physical and intellectual chemistry is very strong. Communication is effortless. This is a couple who knows how to have fun as well as work together on their life goals. Jupiter person may help Mars recognize their full potential.

In the case of Mars square Jupiter, Jupiter person may have an exaggerating influence on Mars. Clashes of ego and heated arguments are common. In order to resolve this square, both partners should act more responsible and grounded in the relationship.

Mars opposite Jupiter represents differences in beliefs or the way you act on things. Jupiter person may consider Mars to be too impulsive or immature at times. Mars may overact in order to impress Jupiter. Together they often act on reckless or overindulgent behaviors.


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