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Mars Aspects in Synastry: To Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars

Mars aspects are a double edged sword. As this red, fiery planet is the symbol of masculine energy and basic primal drives, Mars in Synastry is often seen as assertive, instinctive, sexually stimulating and competitive.

Essentially, Mars aspects in your synastry chart will reveal how the Mars person will physically and instinctively respond in the relationship.

When it comes to love, Mars tends to posture, act out and assert his will. Just like Pluto in Synastry, passion is the keyword here. Bear in mind, Mars is certainly not afraid of sexual and romantic competition! Depending on the aspect you are dealing with, this planet may predict lots of highly charged ego conflicts, or equally explosive and mind blowing sex in your relationship.

Let’s dive into Mars’s interaction with other planets that you may find in your Synastry chart:

Sun-Mars Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

The raw, instant physical attraction indicated by Mars conjunct Sun is so strong that it is impossible to ignore. Both the Sun and Mars person feels energized in each other’s company, however this highly charged connection may quickly lead up to explosive arguments. Both of you instinctively know how to seduce each other, as well as how to push each other’s buttons. Issues may arise when Sun tries to dominate Mars person.

The same goes for Mars opposite Sun- but in this case, easily ignited competition and conflict between you may get in the way of enjoying an otherwise intensely passionate relationship. Both the Sun and Mars person often feels self-defensive in this aspect. Your views, wants and needs may differ from each other.

The tension is felt the most with Mars square Sun. Despite the passion, you may be having problems seeing eye to eye on many topics. There is a sense of constant combativeness here.

With Mars trine/sextile Sun, physical attraction is often felt in a lesser degree than a conjunction, opposition or square, but so as the ego clashes. These are very harmonious aspects and with the sense of balance and cooperation they bring to the table, relationship has the chance of becoming mutually supportive and long lasting.

Moon-Mars Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

Mars conjunct Moon is beautiful. This is a both sexually and emotionally stimulating relationship where as the representative of masculine energy-Mars person offers a lot of passion, which Moon- the feminine, harmonizes with her deep emotions. Attraction is instant. There is a very deep sexual bond as well as spiritual. It is often seen as a soulmate aspect. There may be issues surrounding misunderstandings and over sensitivity at times, however it has an immense potential to be a long lasting romance.

Mars trine and sextile Moon aspects are instinctive yet harmonious. Attraction and communication is strong. Mars feels emotionally nurtured by the Moon, whereas the Moon is fascinated and energized by Mars’s company.

Mars opposite and square Moon aspects are more turbulent than conjunction, trine or sextile. The relationship often starts fast and fiery. Later on, Mars person may think that the Moon is being too needy when he is confronted with deep emotions. Both Moon and Mars is easily triggered into a petty argument. To the Moon person, Mars often feels very defensive and temperamental. Both Moon and Mars should try to openly communicate their feelings in a calm manner and respect each other's emotional differences.

Venus-Mars Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

With Venus conjunction Mars, romance meets passion. Their dynamic resembles yin and yang. This kind of chemistry is hard to come by and hard to forget, therefore this is often seen as a soulmate aspect. There is an instant infatuation. Both the Venus and Mars person likes to be physically affectionate towards each other. Issues may arise from jealousy and possessiveness.

Mars sextile Venus is pleasing, romantic and stimulating. This aspect can usually be seen in a long lasting relationship, friendship or marriage due to less intensity sextile aspect brings.

With Mars trine Venus, romantic and sexual attraction is felt less intensely, but it is a very compatible and harmonious aspect. Loving connection between Mars and Venus here indicates a strong bond, where both partners feel very fulfilled in each other’s company.

Mars square Venus is more sexual than romantic. They both indulge their deepest desires through each other, but if the relationship lacks solid foundations, it can quickly crumble. Jealousy, ego clashes, emotional defensiveness are some of the common issues.

With Mars opposite Venus, there is a strong push and pull dynamic. Sexual intensity is off the charts. It is almost as if Mars wants to conquer and possess Venus. Problems often arise when Venus doesn’t go along with Mars’s war-like attitude towards love.

Mars-Mars Aspects in Synastry (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition, square)

With Mars conjunct Mars, there is a mutual understanding of each other’s deepest, rawest desires and instincts. Even though your personalities may be different, you both feel such a strong, almost ‘’primitive’’ sexual pull towards each other. Problems may arise when egos clash and instead of solving these differences by having a pleasant debate, you choose to compete with each other.

Same intense sexual attraction goes with Mars opposite and square Mars aspects, however these relationships are harder to navigate. You enjoy pushing each other’s buttons. Cooperation and communication issues are frequent. Especially with square, the relationship is very explosive. Anger and impulse control are the biggest themes here. Both partners should learn to respect each other’s boundaries and individuality.

Mars sextile and trine Mars aspects are more balanced, though less intense in attraction. You will support each other’s goals or perhaps join forces together to pursue a common goal. There is still a combative spirit in both of you that may ignite a few arguments here and there, but with open expression and collaboration, you can turn these arguments into productive debates.


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