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Natal Pluto conjunct Midheaven : Intense & Driven

Midheaven in astrology (also known as MC) represents public image and success. ‘’Success’’ can be defined by many things- money, fame, career pursuits, etc.

Whatever the case may be, natal Pluto conjunct Midheaven person has a deep desire to pursue their definition of worldly success- whatever means necessary.

On one hand, Pluto on MC gifts them extreme willpower and determination to achieve their goals.

On the other, they are vulnerable to the darker side of Pluto. Pluto is like the underbelly of our psyche- this is where all the repressed emotions and dark traits reside. So when it touches the MC, this can mean that the person is guided by their Plutonic impulses rather than their conscious decisions.

What are these Plutonic impulses? If you have natal Pluto conjunct Midheaven, you feel a deep urge to control your environment. You don’t shy away from using underhanded tactics such as manipulation to achieve your goals- but you may also be vulnerable to controlling and manipulative people, especially in your work environment.

Pursuit of power can become a big obsession for some people with this aspect. Fear, insecurities and repressed anger may emerge when they don’t get the exact outcome they want.

When it comes to public recognition, Pluto conjunct Midheaven likes to be a puppeteer behind the scenes, rather than taking the spotlight. So with this aspect, you may choose a profession that lets you have a little bit of mystery and privacy, while you analyze your environment from a distance- like a detective.

People around you may also recognize your Scorpionic aura- dominant, cunning and intense.

If you let your ambitions and obsessions run unchecked, natal Pluto conjunct Midheaven can bring more trouble than reward. For some, success may come at the cost of neglecting their inner emotional life. For others, it can also indicate an intense and restricting family life.

Overall, with Pluto conjunct Midheaven there is a lot of transformation that needs to happen. Ultimately, this aspect shows that you are carving your own path to success, but there are some important lessons that come with it. In order to get the most out of this aspect, you can:

-Learn to compromise- so you can have more sustainable balance in life,

-Understand where your fears and need for control are coming from,

-Practice non attachment to find your inner peace,

-Be more open and honest in your environment,

-Identify your insecurities and triggers to gain control over your reactions.

Explore how natal pluto conjunct Midheaven (or MC) aspect manifests itself in your career and public life, according to astrology.


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