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South Node-Pluto Aspects in the Natal Chart

South/North Node-Pluto Aspects in the Natal Chart Astrology

South Node conjunct Pluto in The Natal Chart

South Node conjunct Pluto also means North Node opposite Pluto.

South Node is the blueprint to our past. With this conjunction, your past life was ingrained with strong Pluto influence, which seeps into this lifetime as karmic experiences as well as natural gifts.

Starting from your early life, you may feel a strange inclination to analyze things deeply. This may manifest itself as a strong interest in psychology, occult or mysteries, natural ability to notice subtle clues, uncovering hidden motives and seeing through lies and deceit in others.

With your South Node in conjunction with Pluto, one of the things to look out for is not let your analytic nature turn into obsession or paranoia.

Another thing to pay attention is the theme of power/control. Because of your past life dealings with Pluto, you may instinctively gravitate towards Scorpionic people or situations in this lifetime. This means dealing with transformational experiences which can bring out heavy emotions in you- like rage, pain, resentment and feeling of powerlessness.

All these emotions, if not handled well, can trigger cunning or controlling tendencies in you.

With South Node conjunct Pluto, you are learning to uncover the past lessons, heal your emotional/karmic baggage and move into your soul purpose- the North Node.

South Node sextile/trine Pluto in the Natal Chart

With the harmonious sextile or trine aspects, you can harness positive Plutonian energy, and it is easier for you to focus on your North Node purpose.

It is one of your strengths to successfully bounce back from tough situations and emotions. But this is no luck- resilience is something you learned in your past lives, as well as in this one.

When you feel passionate about something or when you desire power, you can deeply focus, analyze, and transform. Just like in the conjunction, you may be interested in psychology, occult and mystery. You can use these abilities in helping others transform themselves as well.

South Node square Pluto in the Natal Chart

In past lives, you may have used your dark Plutonic traits in order to assert power over others-such as manipulation, greed or spitefulness. Alternatively, you might have been a victim of them.

Regardless, this lifetime may have the same patterns and it might feel like you are walking a thin line between the dark and light.

House and sign will give you more clues about where and how this aspect manifests itself. You can also ask yourself; how do you act when faced with things you can’t control-such as destiny? Do you tend to doubt yourself or give up? What is your relationship with power?

With South Node square Pluto, you are learning to master your shadow side by facing situations that will test your resilience and determination.

South Node opposite Pluto in the Natal Chart

South Node opposite Pluto also means North Node conjunct Pluto.

With North Node conjunct Pluto, one part of you feels an intense desire to understand your soul purpose. Because of this, you may take an interest in psychology, astrology and spirituality from an early age.

But South Node opposite Pluto indicates that another part of you might be deeply afraid of people or situations that is Scorpionic in nature. For example, if you felt powerless in you past life, you may be afraid of making big changes or taking control in this lifetime.

With North Node conjunct Pluto, you may have faced trauma/adversities that changed you on a fundamental level, such as bullying, violence, power struggles, deceit or financial/emotional losses.

In its core, Pluto unearths the hard truths and demands a change. Analyzing your Pluto in the natal chart can help you understand how well you integrate your Plutonic energy in this lifetime.

With South Node opposite Pluto, you are learning to heal your relationship with Pluto and emerge from the dark.


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