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Natal Vertex Through the Signs: Your Gate of Destiny

Natal Vertex Through the Signs

Natal Vertex in Aries

Having your Vertex in Aries is a call to action- You are being encouraged to show initiative, fight your fears and stand up for yourself and others. Your destiny may bring situations in your life where you need to choose your own direction, act on it bravely and swiftly.

If you handle your natal Mars energy well, these attributes will come easy to you. If you have an afflicted Mars and/or very little Fire element in your chart, you may not relate to your leadership qualities at first.

Natal Vertex in Taurus

The ‘’fated’’ events Vertex in Taurus brings will push you to focus on your financial and social stability. With these events, you are being encouraged to embrace your patient, flexible, stoic and independent side.

Your natal Venus will tell you the rest of the story. With a harmonious Venus, you will integrate your Taurus Vertex call easily. If your Venus is badly aspected in your natal chart or you don’t have too much Earth energy, you may feel less motivated to secure yourself financially and not depend on others.

Natal Vertex in Gemini

It is a part of your destiny to master the art of communication and versatility. Destined events that your Vertex in Gemini brings in your life will push you to embrace your curiosity, expand your social circle and share your ideas freely.

If you handle your natal Mercury energy well, these attributes are not foreign to you. But if you don’t have too much Air element in your chart or natal Mercury is afflicted in some way, you may be prone to anxiety, overthinking or shyness.

Natal Vertex in Cancer

Vertex in Cancer is all about destined events that pulls you to the past unsolved issues and deep into your emotions- Especially fears. You may be drawn to healing and nurturing others, but don’t sacrifice your own inner peace by neglecting your emotions. Vertex in Cancer also pulls your attention to family and home related situations.

How you handle your natal Moon and Water element in your chart will tell you the rest of the story. An afflicted natal Moon may find it hard to connect with their Vertex in Cancer- If you are prone to escaping from emotions, you should try to develop your sensitive and caring nature.

Natal Vertex in Leo

Your destiny has the themes of pursuing your passions, getting recognition and building more self confidence. People in your life may push you to be more generous and vivacious, or they might try to steal the ‘’spotlight’’ from you. In general, with Vertex in Leo you should learn the true value your time, energy and resources- And use them to become your best self. Beware of jealousy, arrogance and self entitlement.

These attributes will come naturally to you if you have a lot of Fire element in your natal chart and your Sun is well aspected. If not, lack of self assuredness and determination may be some of the issues.

Natal Vertex in Virgo

With Vertex in Virgo, destiny encourages you to find a meaningful purpose in your life. Others may require your help and services in practical matters, or life events may push you to find a dedicated routine and structure. It is likely that you wish to shape your own destiny, or struggle with things that you can’t control.

If Mercury is afflicted in your chart, or if you don’t have Earth element, Vertex in Virgo may feel overwhelming. You may struggle with planning and organizing your ideas or solving your problems.

Natal Vertex in Libra

People/events in your life might push you to be more extroverted, tactful and balanced. You may also be drawn to topics of justice and legal matters. Others may ask for your advice and decision or you may find yourself in situations where you need to be an arbitrary. Vertex in Libra is also very beneficial for creative pursuits especially if your Vertex is in 5th house.

If your natal Venus or Vertex is afflicted, you need to speak your truth more and focus on finding an inner balance.

Natal Vertex in Scorpio

Part of your destiny is to embrace your resilience and willpower under tough circumstances. These situations will likely transform you in a deep level. The house your Vertex falls will tell you more about what part of your life this transformation will occur.

With Vertex in Scorpio, dealing with power struggles, manipulation and financial issues are common (Especially with Vertex in 8th house). You will also be drawn into topics of psychology, sex and mystery.

If you handle your natal Plutonic energy well, hardships will make you more determined and stronger. If not, you may struggle under pressure.

Natal Vertex in Sagittarius

You are being drawn by people/circumstances to travel, study, find your philosophy and spirituality in life. Most likely, destiny is a fascinating subject to you. As you discover your path, you are also encouraged to teach others what you learned. Creative talents are amplified as well, especially with natal Vertex in the 5th house.

Your natal Jupiter can tell you a lot about how you can integrate these attributes in your life. If it is afflicted, you may find it more difficult to connect with your higher purpose.

Natal Vertex in Capricorn

This placement is about building structure and reputation for yourself. Destiny may bring challenges in your life so that you can persevere and cultivate more self respect. Others may limit you or demand responsibility and patience. Speaking of destiny, you may have a pragmatic view of life.

While your innate desire for authority is good, it is important to not become overly controlling.

If Saturn and Vertex is well incorporated in your natal chart, you have a natural talent for rootedness and responsibility. If you have an afflicted natal Saturn, you may find it hard to reach stability.

Natal Vertex in Aquarius

This placement is generally about finding a strong voice to express your uniqueness, but also respect the differences in others. People/events your Aquarius Vertex brings will push you to be more progressive and altruistic.

Innovative or non conventional fields are also encouraged, especially with Vertex in 6th house.

You may have to deal with unpredictable people and situations in order to learn cooperation and tolerance.

If your natal Uranus or Vertex is afflicted, there may be challenges around being prejudiced or working in groups.

Natal Vertex in Pisces

The theme with Vertex in Pisces is learning empathy. You may encounter people or situations that pushes you think less and feel more, develop your intuition and universal compassion. It is very likely that you already believe in destiny and metaphysics- Even if you have doubts, Vertex in Pisces placement may bring unexplainable or psychic events.

If Vertex and Neptune are well incorporated in your natal chart, you are already familiar with these attributes. If your natal chart lacks Water element, empathy and sensitivity may not feel so natural to you at first.

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