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Transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant

Transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant Astrology

Transiting Saturn spends about 2.5 years in each house. Anytime it aspects a natal planet or angle such as your Ascendant, it marks a serious and (quite possibly) a stressful period. And since Saturn is a slow moving planet, changes and effects these aspects bring lingers a long time.

Transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant aspect can manifest itself as significant changes in identity, appearance, relationships and ideals.

Let’s be honest, Saturn is a pain in the ass. As a matter of fact, I have not seen a single person that didn’t struggle with their natal or transit Saturn at some point of their life. But it is also an opportunity to grow stronger.

Some believe that transiting Saturn is about integrating some karmic lessons that we must learn, some say that it is a time of duties and delays. In any case, the theme here is HARD WORK and MATURITY- and I think it all starts with ACCEPTANCE.

Maturity comes in many ways through different stages of life. If you went through transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant as a young child- you may be forced to mature early by something difficult or traumatic in your life. This had been my personal experience when I went through bankruptcy and divorce of my family and developed an eating disorder at a very young age.

Looking back years later, that time of my life had definitely made me a stronger person. Of course I don’t believe a child should go through adult hardships in order to grow, but that was my personal experience and I had no other choice but to accept it and take responsibility for myself.

If you are going through your transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant in your adult years, experiences usually revolve around shedding your ''immature'' skin and taking even more responsibilities. This can be about having children, finding your work-life balance, moving out of your comfort zone, a more serious tone in relationships, undergoing physical changes or learning the value of your time.

To give you more context, a client of mine once referred her transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant as ‘’draining, dull and chaotic’’, as she was juggling multiple jobs while adjusting to being a single parent during that time.

You can look for where transiting Saturn resides in your natal chart to see what kind of lessons are being brought to you. Your ascendant sign can also give you a hint on how you can accept and integrate those lessons.

For example, a Virgo rising may feel more health conscious or self criticizing during this transit. A Cancer rising may need to exert more focus into their home, security and loved ones or feel the need to isolate from others for a while.

Overall, even though transit Saturn conjunct Ascendant often feels like carrying a burden, if you stand up for yourself and do your “Saturnian” homework, in the end it will all pay off.

My advice is to find your strength and patience from within, reflect on what part of your identity needs evolving, and most importantly, don’t get frustrated when the satisfying outcome you want doesn’t happen instantly. This is how your maturity journey begins.

Good luck!

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