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Tarot Cards Combinations: The Death and Empress

The Death is the 13th card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Death card here

The Empress is the 3rd card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Empress card here

When you are doing a tarot reading, regardless of your question, the Death and Empress combo is almost too much to contemplate.

The reason to this is that the Death card in tarot strongly represents ‘’an ending and an instant new beginning.’’ While the Empress tarot card has an almost opposite theme, as it talks about growth, birth, nurturing and love.

Astrologically, the Death tarot card is symbolized by Pluto, a very harsh and cold planet which symbolizes rebirth and transformation.

The Empress is symbolized by Venus, hence it carries the soft, fun and loving Venusian energy.

So what happens when the Death and the Empress meet? A great transformation.

This tarot combination represents a painful yet necessary ending in order to step into your next level of personal growth.

For example, you may be severing ties from past connections that created co-dependency, detaching from a long-term relationship or family, learning karmic lessons on self love and forgiveness.

It is useful to remember that in every tarot reading, the Death card acts as a doorway. In the combination of the Death and the Empress, you walk away from all that is familiar or stagnant (the Death) into a new, more nurturing energy (the Empress).

Now with the Death card you are showing courage to leave all the pain and fear behind, and The Empress welcomes you with open arms in serenity. When you enter the garden of Empress, it means that you are learning self love and healing. You are on your path of re-discovering your talents and confidence, giving birth to new and wonderful creations.

The Death and Empress Combination in Love

This combination often talks about a relationship coming to an end. Or perhaps one of you needs to cut ties from the past in order to be together. It may represent a karmic soulmate or a lesson, which came into your life in order to teach you self love.

On the positive note, if the Death and Empress is not about an ending, it always represents a necessary change or a time of reorientation, such as learning to be a mother or a father for the first time.

As feelings of someone, the Death and the Empress together represents very conflicting feelings. There is an inner turmoil that needs to be dealt here. This person probably felt very comfortable and cozy around you, but also wants to take some time away from this connection in order to make some important changes in their life.

The Death and Empress Combination in Work

More often than not, the Death and Empress in a work related reading represents a major change that effects your family and home life.

This combination may talk about a transition period between jobs or a big career change.

When the Death card is clarified by the Empress, a stagnant situation is coming to an end. After a period of loss (the Death), growth and abundance are near (the Empress).

The Death and Empress Combination in Health

The Death tarot card very rarely symbolizes physical harm or death.

Since the Empress is the symbol of feminine sexuality, combined with the Death it could represent sexual, fertility or motherhood problems.


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