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Tarot Cards Combinations: The Empress and High Priestess

The Empress is the 3rd card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Empress card here

The High Priestess is the 2nd card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the High Priestess card here

Empress and High Priestess tarot combinations

In this combination, the two most powerful women in tarot come together. They both represent different aspects of the same coin: The Divine Feminine.

The Empress is illustrated as a beautiful woman sitting on her throne, surrounded by a luscious spring garden. Empress is the mother archetype in the physical realm, representing maternal instincts such as creating life, home and nourishment. She is represented by the planet Venus.

On the other hand, we have the High Priestess guarding her temple, shrouded in mystery and wisdom. She is the feminine powerhouse of the spiritual and unconscious realm, represented by the Moon.

Just like Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine is one half of Spirit. This eternal balance play between the feminine and masculine is also known as ‘’yin and yang’’. Yin, or the Divine Feminine, is the sensual, sacred, cosmic energy that exists in both men and women, that is expressed with qualities such as gentleness, healing and inner wisdom.

Therefore, the Empress and High Priestess tarot combination advises you to awaken the divine feminine within you, especially if you had been living in a dominantly masculine energy (action and power oriented).

This means exploring your intuitive, creative, loving and sensual side more, in order to create harmony within you and in your relationships.

The Empress and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Love

If the Empress and High Priestess combination represents the dynamic in your relationship, it shows a very powerful, sensual and mystical connection guided by the Divine Feminine.

This combination may sometimes indicate a same gender soulmate, although these cards represent the energy people possess rather than genders.

As feelings, the person represented by the Empress card creates a safe, nurturing space for the mysterious depths of the High Priestess person.

Depending on the other cards in the reading, this combination may also indicate a love triangle, whereas the Empress person is unaware of a secret affair (the High Priestess).

The Empress and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Work

The Empress and High Priestess together in work readings often symbolize two individuals that collaborate in a creative endeavor. If this is not the case, this combination advises you to get in touch with your creative side and collaborate with others. Both cards are also suggesting a need to pay attention to your work-life balance, as well as boosting your self confidence and abundance.

The Empress and High Priestess Tarot Combination in Health

Generally speaking, both the Empress and High Priestess refers to a state of wellbeing in women’s health, such as fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, menstrual cycles and sexual health. This combination also advises you to nurture your divine feminine energy with meditation and self care.

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