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Tarot Cards Combinations: The Devil and Chariot

The Devil is the 15th card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Devil card here

The Chariot is the 7th card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Chariot card here

Devil and Chariot tarot cards combinations

Both the Devil and the Chariot cards deal with the same theme: Control.

The Devil speaks of being shackled to the circumstances and giving up one’s personal power, whereas the Chariot is all about claiming that personal power and controlling your own destiny, regardless of any obstacles and circumstances along the path.

In this combination, the Chariot is no longer chained to the Devil. He frees himself from self sabotaging behaviors, addictions, repeated mistakes and his weaknesses by making a choice: Self Empowerment.

The Devil and Chariot tarot combination has a powerful message to you: Raise your self awareness and take control of your life by letting go of the victim mentality.

Even at times you can’t see a way out and you want to surrender (the Devil), hold on to your strength within (the Chariot).

The Devil and Chariot Tarot Combination in Love

In the Devil and Chariot combination, the Devil card represents a low vibrational, obsessive, impulsive, addictive and sometimes toxic and abusive connection.

If the Devil and Chariot combination represents you and your partner, it may indicate a power struggle between you two, or an imbalance in ‘’give and take’’. The Chariot partner may be too controlling whereas the person represented by the Devil is giving too much of their power away.

The Devil card in love often symbolizes such a sexual pull towards one another that it is hard to control, even if the relationship has unhealthy foundations.

The Chariot represents someone in this connection that rises above this downward spiral and finds his strength within to say ‘’no’’.

Therefore the Devil and Chariot together indicates breaking free from an ‘’unhappily ever after’’. However, this doesn’t have to be a permanent end to the relationship, it just means that both people need some time away from each other to work within their shadows.

The Devil and Chariot Tarot Combination in Work

The main meaning of the Devil and Chariot combination in a work/career reading is power struggle.

The Devil energy here may represent an unhealthy addiction to power and money, toxic work environment, lack of self control and confidence, or feeling unable to break away from your current work and financial circumstances.

The Chariot advises you to remove yourself from whatever is holding you back from your success and transform your willpower into manifesting your desires. Take full responsibility for your future decisions and actions.

The Devil and Chariot Tarot Combination in Health

The Devil and Chariot combination in health readings represents breaking away from addictions and negative thoughts by transforming yourself.

If you are dealing with a health problem, the Chariot highlights the role of your mind in healing your body.

When you see these two cards together, there is a need to move away from ‘’giving up’’ mentality which is the Devil card, into ‘’I can and I will’’ with the Chariot.


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