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Tarot Cards Combinations: The Magician and Empress

The Magician is the 1st card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Magician card here

The Empress is the 3rd card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Empress card here

Talk about a power couple! When your soul’s desire and willpower (the Magician) meets with the card of abundance and sensuality (the Empress), one common theme pops up in mind immediately: Manifestation.

Both the Magician and Empress cards are highly charged with self confidence and driven by their desires.

The Magician and Empress tarot combination

Let’s look at their astrological associations: The Magician is ruled by Mercury- the planet of communication, and the Empress is by Venus- symbolizing beauty, luxury and romance. The dynamic of Mercury and Venus is known to be very harmonious and mutually beneficial, which tells us that the Magician and Empress tarot combination offers a lot of growth and abundance in all areas of life.

The Magician and Empress combination generally talks about a powerful new beginning (the Magician) which will create a sense of finding your ‘’home’’ (the Empress) in the world.

This may indicate a beginning of a new and fruitful relationship, or embracing your power and manifesting the successful outcome you desire. Regardless, when you receive these cards together, you will feel confident and in charge about your direction, which will open up new opportunities of love and abundance for you.

The Magician And Empress Tarot Cards Combination in Love

The Magician and Empress’s relationship is based on powerful foundations: Excellent communication, attraction and mutual understanding and support of each other’s goals.

The common meaning here is a powerful attraction or a new beginning (the Magician) which has a big potential in becoming a harmonious, long lasting and loving relationship (the Empress).

The Magician and Empress together in love is a messenger of a new beginning of building solid foundations: Whether it is a new relationship, marriage, childbirth/pregnancy, or creating a new home with your person.

When these cards represent each partner, the person represented by the Magician wants to please his Empress using his wit and personal charm. The Empress person has a sensual, elegant and nurturing energy, which attracts the Magician in an instant. They may be coming from different backgrounds or have a distance between them, but these factors often don’t get in the way of them building a deep connection.

The Magician and Empress Tarot Cards Combination in Work

In regards to your work, finances, education and career path, this is one of the best combinations you can receive in your reading.

The Magician and Empress combination is loaded with power of creativity, success and abundance. With the Magician, you can expect a fresh new beginning such as a new job or partnership offer, moving to a different location or buying a new property. The opportunities are endless, and it is your personal willpower which will set the direction. You can read more about what the Magician card offers in career and finances here.

The Empress assures that the financial outcome will be excellent in your endeavors, especially in creative projects. Empress can also represent harmonious collaboration and teamwork.

Overall, expect a jump start ignited by your willpower (the Magician) which will lead you to a more prosperous and balanced future outcome (the Empress).

The Magician and Empress Tarot Cards Combination in Health

If you are having health related problems, The Magician and Empress together in your health reading brings a fresh new energy that speeds up your healing process.

Not only you will feel more energized (the Magician) , but you will also be filled with more inner balance and self love (the Empress).

The Empress also talks about feminine health, so with the Magician this combination may represent childbirth, fertility or pregnancy.

Lastly, these cards indicate that your overall energy is very heightened so make sure to rest well, especially if you are prone to overworking yourself.

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