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Tarot Cards Combinations: The Devil and Lovers

The Devil is the 15th card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Devil card here

The Lovers is the 6th card of Major Arcana. Discover the full meaning of the Lovers card here

The Devil and Lovers Combination in Tarot

Upon first sight, you will recognize that the Devil and Lovers cards share some interesting similarities in their illustrations and story.

What you will see when you look at the Devil card is a man and a woman chained in a dark dungeon beneath a devilish figure, whereas in the Lovers card the same couple is freely roaming in the garden of Eden accompanied by an angel above.

Let’s look at the numerology. Both cards are represented by the number 6, which is the number of harmony and love. (Devil is 15, therefore 1+5=6)

Since both stories revolve around a couple, number 2 is also significant in both cards. In both Lovers and the Devil, there is an element of duality, which symbolizes a tough choice or a need for cooperation between two very different things, or people.

For example, when you draw the Devil and Lovers together, your feelings may be split between two people, you may be at a career crossroads, or you may be trying to break out of your comfort zone by exploring unknown options.

Whatever the situation is, the Devil in your reading represents the darker side, things you need to let go, and the Lovers highlights the importance of making this conscious decision in order to follow your light.

Therefore it is safe to assume that the Devil is the shadow card of the Lovers.

The Devil and Lovers Combination in Love

There is no other tarot card combination that says ‘’karmic’’ more than the Devil and Lovers duo.

The higher, pure love connection in the heavens represented by the Lovers descends into the physical realm and transforms into passion, sex and obsession with the Devil.

With this combination comes a deep spiritual bond, tangled with karmic issues and repeated negative patterns.

The Devil and Lovers combination feels addictive, destined, tumultuous and codependent. Due to the intensity of the connection, the relationship is often on and off. Therefore it can represent a Twin Flame connection. If you are interested in Twin Flames, you can read this guide here: Tarot Guide of Twin Flames: 16 Cards That May Surprise You

As the Lovers card you are mirrors of each other. You feel stronger with each other than apart.

In the meantime, the Devil brings out both of your shadow sides to the surface, asking for reflection and healing in those parts.

The Devil and Lovers Combination in Work

When you draw this combination in a work related reading, more often than not it suggests a difficult choice. You may be transitioning from one job to another, changing locations, creating a new business partnership, etc .

What you need to pay attention here the most is, with the Devil card in your reading, there is always a negative pattern that you need to break from. This is something that makes you feel chained to the circumstances, such as irrational fears, gambling habit, greed and so on.

The Devil and Lovers Combination in Health

Breaking a bad habit is tough, but that’s exactly what the Devil and Lovers combination advises you to do.

Pay attention to thought patterns, habits or behaviors that jeopardizes your health (the Devil) and start making better choices that will set you on the right path (the Lovers).


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