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The CHARIOT and EMPEROR Tarot Combination in Love, Work and Finances

chariot and emperor tarot combination

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Chariot is movement. As number 7 suggests, Chariot is constantly on the move towards the next goal, the next adventure, the next level of awareness.

Meanwhile the Emperor-commonly known as the authority figure of Tarot, symbolized by number 4, prefers to establish firm roots and stability.

Both of them are action oriented individualists. Both of them deal with the themes of control and determination.

The Chariot and Emperor Combination in Astrology and Numerology

In numerology, the Chariot and Emperor tarot combination (7+4) is represented by number 11. And since both of these cards belong to Major Arcana, your reading suggests the start of a significant long-term change.

Astrologically speaking, Emperor card is connected with Aries, and the Chariot (sometimes) Cancer. This suggests challenges between emotionality and action; but if they manage to cooperate, these two zodiac signs can accomplish great things together.

The Chariot and Emperor Tarot Combination in Love

You and your person have very strong personalities and similar goals. When you want to achieve something, you are both very driven and passionate about it. The problem is, Chariot-Emperor dynamic in a relationship quickly can turn into a clash of egos if they don't see eye to eye.

Both of these characters (especially the Emperor) may come off very rigid, stubborn and controlling due to their innate selfishness. If this is a problem in your connection, work with your similarities despite your differences. Try being more open and vulnerable to each other.

If you are in a relationship, The Chariot and Emperor combination may also suggest moving towards (the Chariot) a more serious commitment( the Emperor): this may represent an engagement, marriage, living together etc. Chariot may also suggest long distance relationships and travelling.

chariot and emperor tarot combination

If you are single, now it is the time to think of what kind of future you want. Dont be afraid to show yourself to the world, confidence is sexy!

The Chariot and Emperor Tarot Combination in Work and Finances

Chariot and Emperor together generally represent a major improvement in your work life and finances.

Chariot as the symbol of willpower and overcoming obstacles, and Emperor as a powerful leader, this combination can suggest a very profitable partnership or contract.

The Chariot also deals with movement and travel. If this is the case, expect work related travel or relocation.

Whatever your goal is, these cards are affirming that as long as you are determined to work hard for it, you will achieve it.

Is Chariot and Emperor combination a yes or a no?

The main theme here is that the desired outcome relies on your determination. So it is generally interpreted as a yes.


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