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The Moon and Hermit (18/9) Tarot Birth Cards Explained

''All darkness vanished, when I saw the lamp within my heart.'' Kabir

The Moon and Hermit Birth Cards in Astrology

As the 18th card of the Major Arcana- the Moon in Tarot is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, as both energies represent the subconscious realm.

9th card of Major Arcana the Hermit is symbolized by Virgo sign, and they are both focused on reflection and learning.

Therefore according to astrology, the Moon and Hermit together is about deep self-reflection.

The Moon and Hermit Birth Cards in Numerology

Number 18 is a powerful number. It is influenced by the numbers 1 and 8, which have the energies of independence, new beginnings (1) and success, transformation (8).

Number 18 is also reduced to number 9, which symbolizes completion and insight. Because it is the last cardinal number in numerology, 9 possess the energies of all the other cardinal numbers, therefore it is the known as the symbol of wisdom. You can learn more about the life path 9 in numerology here.

Numerology tells us that the purpose of the Moon and Hermit life path is to find inner power and wisdom.

The Moon and Hermit Birth Card Meaning in Tarot (18/9)

The Moon and Hermit Birth Card Meaning in Tarot (18/9)

The Moon / Hermit birth card represents a life path that is meant to take you out of your comfort zone and into the depths of your soul.

One of your major strengths is that you are a student of life. Your mind and soul thirst for learning new information, going deep into topics like philosophy and psychology, in order to better understand yourself as well as others. In your alone time, you tend to ponder on life’s big questions- such as purpose of life and your place in the universe. You are quite intuitive as well.

Have you ever felt that you are an old soul? If so, it’s because The Moon / Hermit people often have a wisdom beyond their ages.

The Hermit walks alone, however it doesn’t mean you are meant to be lonely. But if you are ignoring your inner voice and soul development, you may experience life circumstances that pushes you to face your deepest fears and find peace within.

Since you are always immersed in a thought or lost in a detail, you are also used to functioning independently in life. You are ambitious, observant and responsible- it is important that you lead your own life according to your truths.

With the Moon - Hermit birth cards in Tarot, danger lies in being too set in your own ways. It may also be hard for you to ask for help from others or express your difficult emotions to them. Instead, your first instinct might be telling you to fix things on your own.

The Moon birth card represents emotionally turbulent experiences in your life that confronts your shadows, and the Hermit encourages you to work with your higher self in those situations- to follow compassion and truth even in the darkest moments.

Journey from the Moon to the Hermit is about being able to look at your strengths, goals, limits, fears, weaknesses in an objective light.

While the Hermit seeks clarity, the Moon is all about the uncertainty. The Hermit energy is steady, whereas the Moon constantly shifts.

These two energies are almost polar opposites, which symbolizes the dualistic nature of your personality. For example, while unpredictability and loneliness may scare you at times, there is a part of you that is drawn to the unknown. Or perhaps you feel like you can weather the storms on your own, but other part of you craves a deep emotional bond with someone.

Therefore, one of the most important lessons you are learning in this lifetime is to find an inner balance between your ‘’dark’’ and ‘’light’’ side as the Moon card suggests- your emotions and mind, your soul and ego, inner vs external world etc.

You are not the one for superficial relationships- you yearn for deep and meaningful connections. Since you are a student of mystery, you may also be drawn to mysterious people.

You are both a deep thinker and a dreamer. In your professional life, you may be drawn to careers that require analytical planning and deep thinking skills, and you may also prefer a job that lets you work mostly alone- such as scientific research, psychology, writing, philosophy, counseling, therapy, etc.

Overall, the Moon / Hermit birth card suggests you to cultivate a life of wisdom and inner peace. Self reflection is an important part of this process, but make sure to remain open minded and adaptable as well. And lastly,

When you are walking in the dark, follow your own light within.


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