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Time shall unfold what plaited cunning hides; who cover faults, at last shame them derides.’’

William Shakespeare


In a desert landscape, a thief in a fez-hat is trying to sneak out of a military camp with five swords he has stolen. Behind him, two more swords are stuck into the ground.

The Seven of Swords can represent duplicity, thievery, betrayal, manipulation, hidden agendas and false information. Often, the common solution being diplomacy and clever tactics.

Not every situation in life can be reduced to black or white immediately, some fall into the grey category. It is these grey areas that demand and test our best judgement. Sometimes, clear-cut solutions might be unobvious or ineffective. While hiding the truth, cheating or manipulating others could seem like an easier and faster option at first, it is never invisible. The truth always comes out in the end, no matter how hard anyone tries to hide it.

Alternatively, The Seven of Swords can be interpreted as an advice to be less naïve and more perceptive to other’s motives. In this case, it talks about dealing with objective, factual truths in the light of morality while being aware that not everyone will hold the same high standards.

Number 7 represents analysis, truth and intellect.


Seven of Swords Keywords

  • Deception
  • Sneakiness

  • Manipulation

  • Strategy



  • Secrets and lies
  • Self deceit
  • Outsmarted

Upright Seven of Swords

Guidance: Something is being kept in the dark, either by you or someone else. You may be tempted to exercise smoke and mirrors in a situation, but you need to also exercise caution. There is a fine line between being cunning and being wise. You can use clever diplomacy, indirect approach and even ‘’white lies’’, but deception is simply not a risk you should take. When this card shows up, it is best to steer away from potentially hazardous situations and dubious people.

Love: The Seven of Swords can represent manipulation, infidelity or deception. Secrets and lies in a relationship can take a wrecking blow to the bond of trust. You or your partner may be resorting to this path, while honesty is always simpler. Alternatively, accusing you of lying or cheating could be your partner's way of hiding his motives. For singles, it usually means self-deception. You may be playing mind games to get someone’s attention. It might work, but you need to be careful.


Work/Finances: The Seven of Swords warns you about a tricky situation. You may be tempted to do something cunning or unethical to get what you want. You might get away with it at first, but things can turn around for the worse drastically. Cutting corners, quick fixes and procrastination won’t work in the long term. Alternatively, you may be in the receiving end of this deception. Be extra aware of shady deals and dishonest individuals at this time. See the devil in the details.

Health: The Seven of Swords represents your need for clarity and rational solutions over health issues. If you have a habit of tiptoeing around your problems, it is time to deal with them head-on. It can also be an advice to step away from harmful behaviors or misleading health information.

Spirituality: In this position, this card often hints self-deception. It is usually the first line of defense of the ego, to make yourself believe something that isn't really true. Even if it is harder to face the truth, you should never fool yourself. Another interpretation is to be cautious of who you trust when you are receiving spiritual guidance. Always trust your intuition.

Guidance: The Seven of Swords reversed can have various meanings. First, it invites you to rethink your approach clearly if things are not working out for you. Be honest with yourself. It is important to figure out how much you are willing to risk. Lastly, if you found out that someone was being deceptive, they might try to come clean- but make sure they are genuine this time.

Love: Reversal of this card can suggest hidden thoughts and motives, even hiding from your own feelings. The question is whether you are being deceived or deceiving yourself. You and your partner may be dancing around each other, instead of establishing a solid connection. It can also show remorse or asking for forgiveness after someone has been caught. If you are single, it could mean that ghosts of the past; such as lies, painful memories or secrets still following you. Perhaps you are not seeking something serious at this time.

Work/Finances: The Seven of Swords reversed points to a deception or fraud around you. The person doing this thinks that they are going to get away with it, but they won’t. Be very vigilant of who you are dealing with. Always read the small print, and make sure you are interpreting things correctly. On the other hand; if it represents your secrets, you have a danger of being exposed. Lastly, this card can also be interpreted as unexpected turn of events and unpleasant news. Be careful of whom you trust concerning money matters.

Health: When this card is reversed, it is especially important to pay attention to your symptoms and needs. This is a card of self-deception. You may be thinking it is nothing serious, and it could be the case. However, when it comes to health, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Spirituality: The Seven of Swords reversed shows the illusions we trap ourselves in by the lies we tell ourselves. Self-reflection is your best tool when it comes to breaking these illusions. Don’t hide away from your problems. Focus on forming your own personal core values and beliefs, so that you are not vulnerable to bad influences in the future.

Reversed Seven of Swords

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