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’The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.’’


Surrounded by the calm seas and clear skies, a mother and her child are sailing away in a boat. Both look hunched-over, weary from the hardships they left behind. Their baggage is six swords, which symbolize old wounds and unresolved traumas they still carry with them to the future destination.

The Six of Swords symbolizes closing the old chapter to create a better, more loving, healthier story in the future. The agonizing defeats and losses of the Five of Swords are now left in the past, through a physical or psychological act of moving on. However, the people are still haunted by the ghosts of their experiences, as seen in the imagery with the swords in the boat.

But why is that? Why can’t they just leave everything behind, including the memories? Because moving on is a journey, a slow process of healing, not an immediate shift.

The Six of Swords is a positive card. When it shows up in a reading, it means that you consciously chose acceptance as a step into your new life. Your journey towards the unknown is yet to be unfolded. It can still be challenging, uncomfortable and riddled with tough decisions at times, but you are still headed towards a much better direction.

Number 6 represents harmony and stability.


Six of Swords Keywords

  • Moving on
  • New beginning

  • Recovery

  • Weight of the past



  • Inability to let go
  • Feeling stuck
  • Sadness

Upright Six of Swords

Guidance: Accepting change, letting go of the past and moving on to a new direction: it takes great courage. You still feel the wounds, still fresh. You probably just want to fast forward and get over with it already. But healing is a process. Be patient, have faith, let life unfold in its own time. You may be changing location, moving on from a break-up or accepting a new job; all filled with new, joyful opportunities. If you focus on that joy rather than the past, your transition will be much easier.

Love: Whether you are currently single or in a relationship, The Six of Swords suggests a transition. A past heartache that inflicted so much pain, such as a break-up, argument or divorce is now healing. You consciously decided to move on, whether in the form of a peaceful reconciliation, or by yourself towards a better future. At times when you are still haunted by the memories of the past, remind yourself how strong you are to make such a shift.

Work/Finances: Hardships and losses you experienced concerning your work, finances or career are coming to an end. New opportunities are opening up, as long as you are willing to detach yourself from the old. You may be changing your job, moving to a different location, entering a new partnership or reaching financial stability soon. In the meantime, you must remain patient and strong, because the transition will still take some time and effort. Adjust and adapt to your new direction. It is a good time to go over your plans, assess your strategy and improve on your skills as well.

Health: The Six of Swords indicates that you are finally finding some relief in your healing process. Some of the symptoms or discomfort may still be lingering, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t all go away immediately. Full recovery is a long journey. Focusing on the positive changes will allow your energies to rejuvenate faster.

Spirituality: The Six of Swords represents spiritual transformation. Slowly, you are shedding your old identity to grow into a new, much better existence. This process can be uncomfortable at times, especially if it was triggered by an agonizing experience. Once you overcome the challenges and accept your new state of being, you will come out as a wiser, stronger and much more loving version of yourself.

Guidance: When this card is reversed, you may be showing reluctance to accept that the things have changed, and you need to move on. Even though the initial shock of the turmoil has passed, painful memories are still fresh in your mind. You are ready to heal and grow beyond your comfort zone. Ignoring your emotions will only delay your beautiful transformation. It is time to go deep within yourself, understand what is holding you back and allow change to happen.

Love: The Six of Swords reversed demands letting go of the things that hurt you deeply in the past and making a firm decision to embrace change as it comes. You may be getting out of an unhealthy relationship or trying to get back together after a break-up. After such a disruption, things won’t remain the same; but they can get better if you allow it. If you are single, something is holding you back from experiencing love. If you are scared or hesitant to open your heart, there may be some relationship baggage from the past that you need to let go.

Work/Finances: Regards to your work or finances, you are having difficulties trying to put the pieces back together after a major setback. The Six of Swords reversed suggests that you may be stuck in a state of suspension and dread at this time. You know deep within that you need to make a shift. Issues of money and security may be holding you back from taking the next step. It is time to move on to new opportunities instead of pushing yourself into a dead-end situation. Don’t be afraid of change if your course is going nowhere.

Health: If you are dealing with a health problem, the reversal of this card simply indicates delays and obstacles reaching to your desired recovery. It will still happen, but perhaps not as fast as you hoped. Alternatively, it can also be an advice to move away from things that are harmful to your health. Do what you can to improve on your wellbeing and just let time do the rest.

Spirituality: The Six of Swords reversed points directly to the persisting resistance and blocks which operate from deep within your subconscious. These are your fears, anxieties and belief systems hidden beneath the layers of your personality. But the effects of your subconscious influence in your day-to day life are very visible. If you keep reliving the past disappointments over and over again, this might be the reason. Each time you discover your subconscious reasons to not allow yourself to change and grow, you will take one more step to forward movement.

Reversed Six of Swords

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