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Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.’’



The Six of Cups pictures a happy childhood memory. There are two children, one handing a cup to the other. They are surrounded by six cups, each filled with beautiful white flowers.

This card is closely associated with reminiscence, home and childhood joy. You may be simply recalling a sweet memory from the past, returning home, or reuniting with a loved one from your past. It is also possible that someone, or a memory from the past may be holding a key influence on your present or future.

The Six of Cups can also represent a child in your life. This could even be your inner child inviting you to embrace love and joy once again. When life gets repetitive, hectic and boring; this card invites you to do close your eyes and connect with your inner child to reignite the spark of joy you have felt as a kid.

There are so many things we can learn from children as adults. Sometimes we expect too much to be happy. Their hope, curiosity and happiness come effortless. In a child’s eyes, life is more exciting and less complicated. Sometimes, we should all go back to living a little more like children and see life as a daring adventure!

Number 6 represents home, unconditional love and selflessness.


Six of Cups Keywords

  • Reminiscence of happy memories
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Reconnecting



  • Dwelling in the past
  • Need to move on
  • Conflict

Upright Six of Cups

Guidance: This card refers to fond recollection of people and events. You are creating deeper, harmonious connections in your relationships and home life. You can also expect to reunite with friends and family or rekindling of a long-lost love. When you take life too seriously, reconnect with your carefree, creative and joyful side. Smile more, worry less, let go and flow in the moment.

Love: With the Six of Cups, existing relationships get sweeter, deeper and more harmonious. Since it is often associated with matters of home and children, it can indicate creating a beautiful family together. You may be even marrying to your childhood sweetheart. If you are single, a past lover you fondly remember could knock your door.

Work/Finances: The Six of Cups doesn’t speak about material aspects of life much, however it is a good indication of collaboration and harmonious work relationships. It advises you to channel a childlike outlook: more relaxed, more enthusiastic and less nervous. You can expect someone from your past offering their genuine help and advice. Some money you were expecting, perhaps inheritance could also show up.

Health: If you have been dealing with a health problem, the Six of Cups invites you to embrace hope and positivity at all times, just like a child. Nurturing your body, mind and soul is your biggest priority; because if you don't care for yourself, you won't have much left to give to others. This card can also refer to pregnancy or taking care of a child.

Spirituality: The Six of Cups encourages you to explore the world through your inner child’s eyes. As we grow older, we tend to forget the simple joys of living. Most of us are told not to speak up or act differently, be more serious and less spontaneous. That is why reflecting on your inner child and nurturing its needs is so important when it comes to finding harmony in your soul.

Guidance: When the Six of Cups is reversed, ask yourself if you are still clinging to the past. Whether you are haunted by bitter memories or keep thinking about people in the past that are no longer in the picture; you are ignoring your present happiness. Anything that you desperately hang on to, if it makes you sad, it is time to let it go.

Love: Especially in relationships, too much nostalgia can be a bad thing. You can’t keep comparing the past to your present. If you feel dissatisfied or bored with your current relationship, the reason could be your desire to live in the past or unresolved issues that needs to be discussed. If you are single and can’t get over your ex, or stuck in blame or guilt, it is time to move on. Give your present and future self a chance of happiness.

Work/Finances: The Six of Cups reversed can refer to lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Even when you are stuck in a boring or repetitive job, there is always a way to integrate your passion and your uniqueness into your work. You can find a balance between stability and satisfaction. Some of your expectations may be unrealistic. If you are too stuck in the past; focus on where you want to be, and not where you were.

Health: When the Six of Cups is reversed, it is time to focus on how you can lead a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the fun. You may also be avoiding an ongoing health issue that needs to be worked through. Someone may need your care at this time.

Spirituality: This reversal suggests that there is a need to harmonize your energies, resolve ongoing inner conflicts and bring out deep seated issues to light. Close your eyes for a moment and let your inner child speak to you. Life doesn’t always have to be complicated; it can be a world full of awe and joy if you let it.

Reversed Six of Cups

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