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When nothing is certain, anything is possible. ‘’


A shadowy figure is contemplating in front of seven cups in the clouds, which here represents seven different possibilities. Some of the cups are filled with pleasant symbols, such as jewelry and laurel wreath; and some are more threatening or mysterious.

The Seven of Cups is a very abstract card which represents visions, ideas, possibilities and dreams. They are still in the air, which means that you are faced with a choice in order to lay grounds on the reality. Sometimes the choice can be elusive, due to spending too much time in the fantasy world rather than taking the necessary action in real life. Therefore, this card advises you to be less of a dreamer and more of a doer.

When contemplating your options, the Seven of Cups favours a logical approach. This is probably a time when you need to separate your expectations into realistic and unrealistic. It can get frustrating, but don’t worry. Good news is you have many opportunities ahead of you. All you need to do is focus on your vision and stay proactive.


Number 7 represents wisdom, ambition and higher-level thinking.


Seven of Cups Keywords

  • Choices
  • Wishes
  • Opportunities
  • Daydreaming



  • Confusion
  • Illusion
  • Lack of action
  • Indecision

Upright Seven of Cups

Guidance: You have many ideas, opportunities or options to choose from. Of course, having many possibilities comes with an uncertainty. Therefore, the Seven of Cups encourages you to be realistic when it comes to making important decisions. At this time, doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. It is your time to get out of dreaming phase and start taking the necessary action.

Love: When in a relationship, the Seven of Cups is a mysterious card with variety of interpretations. You have many possibilities ahead of you, one of them may involve an affair. You may be emotionally confused or stuck in unrealistic expectations. If you are single, you may have many potential love interests in your life, which makes it difficult for you to commit to one person. Or you may be thinking about multiple people, evaluating them/ your feelings for them. Ask your intuition for more clarity.

Work/Finances: The Seven of Cups asks you to start laying the groundwork for your business and financial future. You are not short of options here; the difficulty is choosing the right one and sticking with it. Clearly define your goals and strategy so you can start moving forward. Financially, it is best if you focus on your stability and security over making a quick money. Don’t jump into big decisions unless you are certain of the outcome.

Health: ‘’I wish I could lose some weight.’’ ‘’I want to start exercising at some point.’’ We have all been there. If you have been having trouble beginning or sticking to a health goal, the Seven of Cups encourages you to start envisioning yourself healthier, more energized, and transform your health goals into reality by making small changes. Take it slow, don’t take on too many things at once. Consistence is the key. Try to reduce stress and workload in your daily life.

Spirituality: The Seven of Cups is great if you are willing to explore mysterious concepts- your deepest, wildest dreams, your intuitive abilities and your soul’s purpose. However, the path to spiritual enlightenment is not written on a map, it is a unique experience for each individual. Therefore, it can get unclear and illusive at times. When you seek clarity in any aspect of your life, be your own guide, learn to trust your intuition.

Guidance: The Seven of Cups reversed signifies a time of confusion. It may be overwhelming to think about the future, especially if you are prone to thinking ten steps ahead. There is an important choice to be made, don’t delay it by overthinking. Take a step back, clear your mind, and choose with your logic. Your intuition is your best friend, don’t ignore its advice.

Love: This reversal warns you about the underlying issues in your relationship that needs to be worked through. You may be fantasizing about someone else, or a different life at this point. If you find yourself dissatisfied and withdrawn, first have an honest inner conversation with yourself, then with your partner. If you are single, take some time to assess your feelings. There are many potential partners around you, whether you are aware of them or not. The question is: What will be your choice?

Work/Finances: When the Seven of Cups is reversed, the opportunities are still there, but there is a chance that you will miss it if you don’t take an action. Don’t wait around for the perfect opportunity, and don’t dwell on the past either. Seize the moment and make it perfect! In other words, this card advises you to stop being a dreamer and start being a doer. Financially, future seems unclear at this time. Make sure you have a long-term plan.

Health: The Seven of Cups reversed suggests lack of motivation, moderation and stability in your health life. How do you respond to and manage day-to-day stress in your life? Do you let your emotions control you, or do you control them? And most importantly, how can you create a balanced life? This card advises you to start with setting realistic short-term goals.

Spirituality: The balance between spiritual life and material life lays on a very sensitive scale. Each experience we have on physical realm can lead to a higher understanding or further confusion. Alternatively, if you don’t fully grasp and nurture your spiritual side, you risk lacking ultimate fulfillment in your material life. Focus on finding this balance. This is your own path, only you can truly understand your purpose. Trust your intuition.

Reversed Seven of Cups

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