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In Rider-Waite deck, the Ten of Wands illustration shows a person carrying a large bundle of wands.       Clearly, the man is shouldering too much load at once, but he is doing it with sheer will and determination knowing that he is close to the finish line.

Wands here represent responsibilities and hard work that one carries out in order to accomplish a significant goal. Most of the time the person not only does this for personal gain, but also for the benefit of others. A good example to this would be a parent working multiple jobs or extra hours to support his/her family.

In the situations the Ten of Wands describes, often too much is at stake and the person feels pressured.  That is why it is important that we get help and support of others in our rough times, in order to not get crushed by the burden we shoulder.

The good news is that it also represents closing a difficult chapter; and beginning a new and exciting one.

Number 10 represents completion, newness and willpower.


Ten of Wands Keywords

  • Completion
  • Responsibilities

  • Burden

  • Hard work



  • Overwhelmed by responsibilities

  • Stress

  • Release

Upright Ten of Wands

Guidance: You have too much on your plate. It is not easy, but you have the strength and discipline to carry out these responsibilities. Even if you feel like you can carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you must ask for help and support of others. You are very close to releasing some of your burdens and reap the benefits of your hard work. Share the load if you can.

Love: In a relationship, the Ten of Wands may indicate struggles and burden of a one-sided relationship. When you are doing all the labor, when you are the only one that tries to make the relationship work, it is time to put your happiness and well being first. All relationships thrive on teamwork. For singles, it can mean that you cannot simply find time and energy to invest in a relationship at this time. As feelings of someone, they may view the relationship as ‘’too much work’’.

Work/Finances: You are simply overloaded and over-stressed by the sheer amount of work and responsibilities. However, you are also very close to achieving your goal and ease your burdens. Even though you are capable of hard work, you must not let people undervalue you. Rely on teamwork. Clear some space for yourself and don’t accept additional workload unless it is important. Multiple jobs/ sources of income are also indicated.

Health: We all know the adverse effects of a busyness on our overall health. Between pressure and stress, you need to make some lifestyle changes in order to restore your well-being. Resolve and recovery you are seeking is near. Alternatively, you might be the caretaker. In this case, you need to clear some time for yourself and let others give their help and support as well.

Spirituality: Out with the old, in with the new. As you are beginning a new cycle in your life, the last few steps require you to give your absolute best effort and understandably it is exhausting. You are developing a stronger character as you move forward. Just remember to maintain a balance between day to day life and your inner peace.

Guidance: When the card is reversed, the wands fall to the ground. If you are biting more than you can chew, it is time to slow down and take a break. Are you taking other people’s responsibilities as your own? Encourage them to help you out. What you are trying to achieve requires more time and energy, so it is no good if you fully exhaust yourself.

Love: Emotional and physical burden of a one-sided relationship is being lifted off. The key to resolve is sharing your feelings and duties with your partner. As a result, it allows you to share more quality time together. If you are single, a fun and romantic time is awaiting you if you clear some time off of your busy lifestyle.

Work/Finances: Some or all of the workload you have been carrying is being lifted off your shoulders. This is often because you decided to discuss openly with your boss or team and came to a mutual agreement on sharing the work. If this does not speak to you and you are still struggling, you need to find a way to release some of the responsibilities. Focus on your work-life balance, especially if you are working multiple jobs. In relation to finances, this card may mean difficulty making the ends meet.

Health: The reversed Ten of Wands can indicate a period of recovery. Some of the problems you have been facing is diminishing. Just like the upright, you may have the caretaker role in this situation. Whatever the case is, don’t overburden yourself with stress and labor and focus on yourself the most.

Spirituality: You cannot keep going on and on unless you take a break. It is very important to unplug yourself from outside world and do nothing sometimes. Even if you don’t have much time, every bit helps.  Just take a walk in the nature, have a short meditation when you feel stressed. Don’t resist change, it will only help you grow. This is a good time to de clutter and organize your mind and life in general.

Reversed Ten of Wands

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