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Surrender and accept whatever is happening in the moment, the Universe is working on your behalf.’’

Mastin Kipp


At first sight, it is very hard to decrypt the symbolism behind hanged man which makes it one of the most alluring cards of the tarot deck.

He is hanging upside-down, yet there is no visible sign of suffering in his face. Instead a halo is formed around his head, symbolizing enlightenment in surrendering.

The hanging male figure forms an inverted triangle with his body. According to some, this is inverse ideogram of alchemical Sulphur- a fiery and masculine transformative element in Alchemy.

The essence behind the Hanged Man is power of inaction.

Between every beginning and end we are the Hanged Man, dormant, waiting for the next cycle to begin. The period of pause the card talks about can get uncomfortable if you are not willing to accept and move on. When life gets turned upside down and you are being pushed by the Universe to put everything on hold, this is your moment of opportunity in giving birth to your new reality.

Number 12 signifies completion and flow of change.


The Hanged Man Keywords

  • Pause
  • Release
  • Spiritual transformation



  • Stagnation
  • Resistance
  • No change

The Hanged Man Upright

Guidance: When the Hanged Man shows up, you may feel stagnated and restricted in your life. This is a necessary pause whether it is of your own choice or not. However, it is always your choice to change your perception. Think of this as a phase of clearing out what no longer serves you. In order to find inner peace, you need to accept your new reality and not stick to old thoughts, situations and people anymore.

Love: The Hanged Man indicates moving on, taking a break or stepping back from the relationship. You will need to assess problems and emotions that you have been avoiding. Don’t rush into big decisions yet. Take some time to clarify what your needs and wants are, what makes you unhappy and what you need to change. If you are single, this is a dormant time for relationships. You need to find yourself before you find love, and the new will come once you release the old.

Work/Finances: Your career, ambitions or projects may be put ‘on hold’. Understandably you want to jump back into action, but this is not a good time to force or rush things. First, you need to figure out why you are stalled. The message of the Hanged Man is simple: Accept, let go and free yourself. Embrace change, whether it is good or bad. Reinvent yourself when you are stuck. It is a very slow card, so you need to be patient in financial matters.

Health: The Hanged Man still indicates a progress, but it is so slow- it may even be unnoticeable at first. When your recovery process feels slow, you may get discouraged in taking care of yourself, which of course you shouldn’t. Allow yourself and your body time to heal. Change up your routine to get your energy flowing again. If you are considering a different treatment option, discuss with your doctor before you make a change.

Spirituality: The Hanged Man seems like a pause in your outside world but within you, it is a very expansive, active time. You are at a state where you are transcending limiting beliefs, releasing the old and defining the future you desire. It is not an easy path by no means, and the Universe will demand two things the most from you at this time: Patience and acceptance.

Guidance: Reversed hanged man shows resistance. You are refusing to learn from old mistakes and change your direction. You may feel like you are trapped in a vicious cycle of unfortunate events, but they won’t go away unless you learn the lessons. Honest self-evaluation will not only improve your soul growth, but also your relationships, health and finances. It is time to turn over a new leaf.

Love: You may be attracting unhealthy relationship patterns or refusing to let go of someone. Moving on is impossible if you keep reliving the past. In order to create the love you desire, you need to discover yourself first. Ask yourself what is keeping you bound. Lasting relationships take time, so don’t rush anything. As someone’s feelings, this reversal indicates detachment from emotions or hesitation.

Work/Finances: Things are on standstill- this reversal may indicate situations such as delayed projects, unemployment period or slow progress. Are you tired of waiting for a change? Then you need to become the change you seek. Reevaluate your path and take a different approach if necessary. Don’t avoid dealing with your finances.

Health: The warning here is: Don’t neglect your self-care. This goes for your body, mind as well as your emotions. What are you feeling? Sad? Anxious? Stressed out? Acceptance is the first step to any healing process.

Spirituality: The Hanged Man reversed is an invitation from your inner self for you to start your spiritual journey that you had been neglecting. You have many unanswered questions in your head. Clarity and fulfillment, you seek in your life can be attained by peaceful contemplation. Don’t let your ego dictate your life, instead learn to live in harmony with it.

The Hanged Man Reversed

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