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Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”

Henry Adams


Emperor is showing his authority sitting on a stone throne embellished with symbols of masculine power. Other than the four ram’s heads which represent virility and power, he holds an Ankh staff, just like a pharaoh.

Notice the mountains and the stone throne. The Emperor is a rock: firm, strong and solid. This unyielding powerful leader may seem too intimidating at first, but when used wisely, his power is just the key to establishing order.

However, his energy can be both destructive and constructive. When the Emperor shows up in a reading, you have all the ingredients for success and stability. Your actions will be your reflection, so uphold integrity and honesty in anything you do if you want others to be loyal.

While too much of his drive and stamina creates a reckless, impulsive character; if you are a procrastinator, the Emperor’s discipline can propel you back into action.

Number 4 represents structure, security and solid foundations.


The Emperor Keywords

  • Authority
  • Father figure
  • Structure



  • Loss of power
  • Impulsiveness
  • Tyranny

The Emperor Upright

Guidance: The Emperor signifies a time of order, stability, maturity and responsibility in your life. As a person, he can represent a mentor, authority or father figure who is reliable and logical. Putting your long-term goals as priority is advised. Whatever it is that you want to manifest in your life, consistency, integrity and practicality will get you there.

Love: The Emperor often denotes a partner who is serious, responsible and logical. Even though he will grant stability and security, romantic affections may not be his forte so much. So, this card is good news if you prefer monogamy, long-term commitment and marriage. You may have common goals to buy a house or start a business together. If you are single and have someone in mind that resembles the qualities of the Emperor, you may need to take the first step.

Work/Finances: You are dedicated to success. Your hard work, discipline and integrity will be noticed; therefore, it is possible that you will assume leadership position in a company or organization. When the Emperor represents someone else, you may get the help and influence of someone experienced, reliable and powerful. When making financial or long-term decisions, stick with the most responsible and logical approach. This is not the time to cut corners.

Health: What this card brings in the health readings is stability and slow, consistent recovery. In future position, you will get clarity and positive results regards to a health concern. Remain patient and positive. Stresses of a busy lifestyle may also be indicated here.

Spirituality: The Emperor is the divine masculine power which creates order in the material realm. It is a very proactive card- Striving for balance and safety in your outer life, getting involved with your community and family, etc. Alternatively, the Emperor is someone who is involved with established order: in a spirituality reading this may indicate getting counsel from a religious structure or authority.

Guidance: When the Emperor shows up reversed, his power becomes excessive and uncontrolled. It relates to all the problems that arises from power struggles, such as conflict with authorities, lack of discipline, a dominating father or a partner, acting immature etc. You may be too rigid and inflexible in your thinking. Being more adaptable and open-minded is not a weakness: it means you can bend and not break.

Love: Reversed Emperor type of lover can be too controlling. When confronted, he is an immovable object. In extreme cases, his understanding of love might be financially and emotionally dominating his partner. In your relationship, this card is an advice to gain equal footing with your partner. If your significant other is controlling every aspect of your life, set your boundaries straight. If you are single, ask yourself whether you are too rigid in your vision of ideal relationship, or you are giving too much and receiving too little.

Work/Finances: With this reversal, you may be lacking energy needed to get things done. It is time to commit rock solid to your work. Avoid procrastinating: Great success comes with great effort. Think more flexible. Taking control over your money and spending more responsibly is advised. Alternatively, you might be dealing with a bully boss. Instead of performing like a leader, he is tyrannical: making everyone else’s life miserable. In this case, you need to know and protect your rights against this person.

Spirituality: The Emperor reversed advises you to establish a solid ground in your life, both internal and external. Understanding your core values, emotions, strengths and weaknesses is the spiritual part of it. This doesn’t mean you are immovable, as life evolves so will you. It is time to eliminate your self-imposed constraints and belief systems that doesn’t serve you.

The Emperor Reversed

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