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Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.’’

Victor Hugo


In the Rider-Waite Smith deck, The Sun has been described with a picturesque heavenly scene. A happy child is riding a white horse in a field of sunflowers. Sun is shining bright– spreading vitality and joy to every living being.

Perhaps the most positive card of the deck is the Sun card. And why wouldn’t it be?

Since the earliest times, Sun has a prominent effect in shaping the beliefs of societies. Ancient religions often had a Sun god. It is the highest bringer of light and life.

When the Sun card shows up in a reading, it symbolizes happiness, success and confidence in every aspect of life. There is a general feeling of wellbeing, where one radiates with positivity. It also represents a time where we form joyful bonds with each other, especially family and children.

The Sun is not only the most positive card in the deck, it’s presence also illuminates other cards in the spread. When together with this card, the negative effects of other cards are often reduced. 

   In reversed position, it is still a very positive card. Usually this reversal means there is still a bit more work to do before we reach the full effects of the Sun.

   Number 19 - which is reduced to 1; represents achievements, strength and independence.


The Sun Keywords

  • Illumination
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Freedom



  • Pessimism
  • Overly optimistic
  • Small obstacles

The Sun Upright

Guidance: This card represents fulfillment of your wishes and end to your troubles. You have worked very hard in the past and now, you are celebrating your accomplishments. It is a time of bliss and satisfaction for you. A happy event may be near – perhaps a marriage, birth, graduation etc. While you enjoy this good flow of energy, it is good to be always grateful and help others along the way.

Love: The Sun card represents a time of love, harmony and joy in your relationship. In future position, previous problems, obstacles and heartbreaks will be resolved through honesty and openness. It is also a card of celebrations and ceremonies, such as an engagement, pregnancy or marriage.  If you are single, the Sun gives you an extra boost of confidence, charm and positivity. People are drawn to your beautiful energy. As feelings of someone, they see you as their ‘Sun’. You are uplifting their spirits and they find you magnetic and fun! 

Work/Finances: Future is looking sunny! The Sun card brings success, abundance and favorable outcomes. You will build confidence and optimism to pursue your goals. Even if you were blocked by difficult circumstances in the past, you now have a new freedom to choose what’s best for you. So, if you were thinking of starting something new or making changes- this is a good time to do so. Finances should be better than usual; however, you may spend more than usual as well.

Health: The Sun in health readings represents vitality, positivity and healing. It’s the most positive card in the deck. If you have been going through a health problem, this is a very strong indication of recovery. It is also one of the main cards that represents healthy childbirth and pregnancy.

Spirituality: To simply put, you are at a happy and peaceful time in your life. Spiritually and mentally, you are enjoying a wholesome, positive mindset. As the Sun follows the darkest night, you are coming out of your darkness and stepping into your light. As the stagnant aspects of your life gains momentum, you’ll find the clarity, strength and freedom you were searching for.

Guidance: In a way, the Sun card loses some of its positive potency when reversed. It is still a favorable card, only this time there is a minor problem between you and the desired outcome. You may experience small delays and annoyances along the way. This card can also indicate pessimistic or boastful attitude. Remember to be positive and patient at this time, great things are on its way.

Love: This reversal often indicates minor conflicts and obstacles. Fun, romance and passion elements of the relationship may be missing. Ego clashes might occur. It also speaks about a pessimistic point of view. For example, you may be losing hope in your connection or your chance of finding true love. The Sun in reversed is a reminder to stay calm and positive in your communications.

Work/Finances: When the Sun is reversed, it generally indicates a negative outlook towards your current situation and future. You may be missing opportunities because of your lack of confidence, have ego clashes in your workplace, or perhaps your career goals and expectations are not very realistic. Finances may temporarily take a downturn; however, this reversal is still positive and with a few changes you should be able to overcome them. Whatever your situation is; keep a practical, logical and positive attitude.

Health: As reversed, the Sun card still represents good health. You may experience minor health problems or setbacks on your recovery. Remind yourself that this is temporary and keep taking good care of yourself. Keep a positive outlook.

Spirituality: If you find yourself feeling down, unsatisfied and unmotivated in your life, the reason for your unhappiness may be because you are only trying to find it outside. the Sun in reversed invites you to connect with your genuine inner joy, self-esteem and peace. Find your purpose, surround yourself with positivity, listen to your heart and intuition. 

The Sun Reversed

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