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Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.’’

Earl Nightingale


Throughout the history, civilizations had imbued heavenly bodies with human attributes as a way of acquiring celestial divination. Many mythological lunar deities were female, and most of them were associated with intuition, wisdom and the unknown. The cycles of the moon also represent fertility and menstrual cycle.

 In the Rider-Waite Smith deck, the moon is rising between two towers. By a pool of water, a dog and a wolf are howling at the moon rise- symbolical of man’s hidden or instinctive side. We also see a crayfish coming out of the water, an aquatic and nocturnal animal.

The moon card is associated with Pisces, which is a water sign with mysterious emotional depths. Moon is the nourisher of the subconscious, where the inspiration and imagination run free.

Beside these exalted qualities of the moon, there is also a dark side. This is where the fear of the unknown resides, along with illusions, instinctive behavior and confusion. Therefore, in some situations, this card can symbolize a threat or warning that will have a deep emotional impact in your life.

When the Moon card appears, we are encouraged to explore feminine side of ourselves and nourish what needs healing: Such as repressed emotions, unhealthy patterns and rooted issues from the past. This is where the Moon card suggests the importance of releasing the pain and fear and filling the wounds with love and forgiveness. After all, you can’t heal what you are afraid to feel.

Number 18 represents creativity, sensitivity and initiative.


The Moon Keywords

  • Intuition
  • Caution
  • Release
  • Secrets



  • Anxiety
  • Repressed emotions
  • Secrets
  • Caution

The Moon Upright

Guidance: You may be facing a situation where you feel in the dark. It takes immense courage to take a step towards the unknown, but facing that fear is the first step for healing. It is also a very good time to explore your artistic creativity, imagination and intuition. It is also a cautionary card to look things in depth, as there may be deception, secrets and illusion around you. Don’t rely on your emotions alone when making an important decision. When in doubt, listen to your gut feeling.

Love: The Moon card represents someone very emotional, intuitive and sensitive. You may be gripped by intense emotions, not able to make a clear judgement. Perhaps you experienced a conflict or break-up – and you cannot move on from the pain. This card may also suggest something hidden – If you feel like your partner is acting secretive, it is time to talk to them about it. You need to examine your true feelings, open up and communicate. Listen to the guidance of your heart. If you are single, are there any repressed emotions or past relationship patterns that need healing? Are you giving yourself enough love and care or are you only giving it to others?

Work/Finances: The Moon card suggests a time of creative flow and inspiration. Especially if you are an artist or working in a creative area, this is a very good card to get. If you feel deceived or kept in the dark, you need to start asking questions. Be mindful that you don’t approach the situation with fear or anger. Think before you speak. Your emotions are heightened at this time. Because of this, it is also probably not a good time for risky investments. As a matter of fact, act with caution in anything you do.

Health: As a card of healing, you are strongly encouraged to take care of yourself. Take extra time to nourish yourself- mind body and soul. Don’t ignore your body’s warning signs. If you suspect a health problem, it is a good idea to see a medical doctor. Sometimes, the Moon also points towards fertility and menstrual cycles.

Spirituality: Whenever you draw the Moon, you are fully in touch with your spirituality, intuition and even psychic abilities. Finding a balance between the outside world and your inner self is very important at this time. Seek for that inner quiet and peace whenever you are overwhelmed from the external pressures. Channel your deep emotions to something creative, especially if you are prone to hiding from them.

Guidance: Do you feel stuck in a rut? When the Moon reversed appears, it often indicates anxiety, inner conflict and repressed emotions. The solution is the same as the upright meaning, finding inner strength to go deep within, release and heal. When you are confused and afraid, sometimes you just need to move away from the hustle and bustle and listen to your intuition to find the answers. Stay away from negative people and situations around you.

Love: You may be feeling confused, overwhelmed or perhaps even hurt. Sometimes it indicates falling in love with a fantasy and refusing to face uncomfortable truths about the person that is hurting you. Don’t deceive yourself and don’t let anyone deceive you. Lies, secrets, repressed emotions may come out during the time this card appears. In any case, don’t let your heart overrule your best judgement. Listen to your intuition when the solution is not clear.

Work/Finances: It is not the best time to make big decisions. Your judgement may be clouded by your emotions or, you may be living in your fantasy world instead of the actual reality. You may also be kept in the dark by others, or intentionally misguided. Any deception will be exposed. Before taking a step, you need some clarity. Think about securing your financial stability instead of making risky moves.

Health: You may be refusing to see a situation clearly. It is time to bring any lurking problem to the light and seek proper treatment. Same as the upright Moon, (link) you are encouraged to seek answers to hidden problems and take better care of yourself. If you are in an emotionally intense period, you need to ‘dial down’ these difficult emotions in a healthy way. Fertility or menstrual problems may be hinted.

Spirituality: Deep seated fears, repressed emotions and confusion are some of the things you may have been dealing with. Whatever creates such intensity within you, pushing it down or ignoring it won’t help in the long term. What you need is clarity right now, so listening your inner guidance is your best option. Trust that the answers are within you.

The Moon Reversed

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