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Some of the best lessons we ever learn we learn from mistakes and failures. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.’’

Tryon Edwards


The Rider-Waite deck illustrates the 16th card as a tower struck by a lightning flash, setting it on fire. Crown on top of the tower represents material authority of man. Therefore, the destruction of a man-made structure represents a small earthquake to your foundations: breaking away from what doesn’t serve you anymore, in order to rebuild a more solid core.

Despite its shocking illustration, with the Tower card there is always an opportunity for major transformation, especially spiritual. Wherever this card shows up in your reading, there is a major turmoil that is forcing you to adapt and change. It can point to repeated mistakes, false ideas or old habits. In any case, the resolution will come from seeing beyond the disruption and facing the facts.

In its essence, the Tower is calling you to be open to new ways of thinking and understanding. Even if things seem devastating right now, it is important to remember that today’s failures are tomorrow’s success. And if the situation is out of our control, changing your perspective is always in your hands.

Number 16 represents expansion and learning, and as reduced single digit 7 it represents that in this time of transition, your inner wisdom is your best guide.


The Tower Keywords

  • Sudden disruption
  • Transformation
  • Major changes



  • Resistance
  • Denial
  • Transformation

The Tower Upright

Guidance: You are in the midst of a sudden, stressful change; but also a powerful transformation. Allow yourself time to rest and heal, purge your emotions, but don’t get caught up in sadness and loss. Let the mistakes of the past encourage you to accept, learn and move forward with your newly found wisdom. Your future starts now.

Love: The Tower card represents a period of upheaval, rebirth and transformation in relationships. And old situation is ending, so that the new and better one can begin. This may come as a sudden shock to you: especially if it is in future position, you need to be prepared emotionally. And sometimes, the Tower points to small changes and signals that are forewarning you to seek resolution now before they turn into big obstacles. If you feel stuck, take some time to self-reflect on what needs to be changed.

Work/Finances: The Tower card may often show up as a shocking disruption in your work life, be it quitting a job or losing money. You may feel as though your sense of safe and security has been shaken up. The good news is, if you can learn the hard lessons now, you are already setting course for a much better future. Some of the most successful people go through devastating losses before reaching their goals. If the Tower is in future position, make sure you have a financial safety net.

Health: The Tower in health readings is often associated with a sudden onset of an illness, repeating health problems and in the most extreme cases loss. All that sound scary, but the Tower always brings a positive transformation when you work on yourself. If it is in the future position, you can avoid a major health problem by paying close attention to your body’s warnings.

Spirituality: With the Tower, you are beginning a major spiritual transformation, often triggered by an unexpected or unwelcome change in your life. This is a situation that will help you reevaluate yourself, your path and your environment. Some things will be lost, some will be gained. No matter what happens, never lose faith in yourself. Find the strength within you to move on.

Guidance: The Tower represents times where fear of change keeps you unable to move on from a tough situation. When life is forcing you to step outside your comfort zone, it is very normal for you to feel confused, sad or angry. Allow these emotions to be processed and healed with time. Find the strength to embrace the necessary changes, even if it feels scary or painful at first.

Love: A difficult situation is shaking the foundations of your relationship to the core and you are riddled with fear and denial. You need to communicate your feelings and needs instead of hiding from your true self. If your relationship must undergo a few changes, let it be. Let go of whatever is not working out for you and follow your happiness. Once you resolve the turmoil within you, such as feelings of emptiness and sadness, you will find love again.

Work/Finances: You are refusing to move on from a trauma or a difficult change. This reversal may imply a negative or hostile workplace, grieving over a past failure or stress. In any case, once you let go of which does not serve your success and happiness, you will rebuild again. If this card appears in a future position, be prudent with your money and make sure to save as best as you can. Your situation will improve once you are ready to make some tough choices.

Health: Especially in the future position, the Tower reversed acts as a pre warning to avert a difficult health problem. You may be ignoring warning signs such as nervous tension and anxiety. This card suggests paying more attention to your current situation and bring necessary changes into your life. It is best for you to face the situation head-on.

Spirituality: Your life won’t change until you change your perspective. No matter how bad things may seem, you always have a choice. With the Tower reversed, you are encouraged to choose a less doubtful, more aware path to life. Relax, take some time to listen to your needs and emotions. In the end, your inner wisdom will always pick what is best for you. Have faith in your strength.

The Tower Reversed

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