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What goes around comes around.’’


The Wheel of Fortune illustrates the big picture of the cosmos.

 In the middle, we see the ever-turning wheel of karma representing rebirth, transformation and change. Karma is the law of cause and effect. As every soul moves through the cycle of birth and death, their sum total of actions define their place in the universe.

Around the circle, a jackal headed figure is shown rising on the right side, while a snake descends on the left.

In mythological context this snake can be linked to Typhon, a serpentine creature that tried to overthrow Zeus. Here, it symbolizes the descent of consciousness into material realm. (The serpent deceives eve into eating fruit from forbidden tree.)

The figure on the right is Hermanubis – a god who combined aspects of Hermes and Anubis- who is an explorer of truth and wisdom. He is in the opposite side of the serpent and symbolizes the ascension of consciousness into upper realms.

Sphinx is seen sitting atop the wheel, guarding the mysteries to spiritual transcendence.

And lastly, in the heavens we see the four fixed zodiac signs around the card, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.

The Wheel of Fortune often points to fated circumstances and people. It is also seen as the card of good luck and fortune.

Number 10 represents both completion and beginning.


The Wheel of Fortune Keywords

  • Destiny
  • Turning point
  • Fortune
  • Karma



  • Resistance
  • Disruption
  • Stuck

The Wheel of Fortune Upright

Guidance: The Wheel of Fortune indicates a major turning point in your life. Events and people that come into play will feel fated, and you will feel blessed with good luck. It is also the card of karma, so you will reap what you sow. Set your intentions aligned with your highest standards, and good fortune will be supporting you.

Love: The Wheel of Fortune can represent destined meetings, significant changes and sometimes upheaval. Relationships may end or get tested. If you have a strong bond between you two, there is no need to worry. You may even take things to the next level. If you are single, it can signify a very significant person entering your life, perhaps a love at first sight scenario. In any case, remember that the universe has bigger plans for you: you just need to trust and allow it.

Work/Finances: Major changes are coming, and future looks bright! What you need to do is embrace this opportunity and go with the flow. Take the necessary action and trust the universe will do the rest. If you are planning a drastic change, such as creating a new business or changing your job; the outcome will be most likely in your favour. You can also expect pleasant surprises and improvements in your finances.

Health: The Wheel of Karma represents a period of transition. In this case, the progress is towards healing. As long as you are determined to live a healthier life and take good care of yourself, you can expect good results and improvement in your wellbeing.

Spirituality: The Wheel of Fortune represents breakthroughs and milestones. It also rewards all the work you’ve done regards to your personal and spiritual development. Stay connected to your inner self, you will get a lot of assistance and guidance. Pay attention to the signs: amazing, miraculous events may occur.

Guidance: Clinging to what once was and avoiding the necessary change is stagnating your growth. When you can’t change the difficult situations beyond your control, you are being pushed by the universe to change. This may make you feel powerless and afraid, but the Wheel of Fortune reversed asks you to see the good in all things. There are powerful lessons for you to learn here.

Love: When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, it may represent various situations such as: holding onto an inevitable break up, emotional ups and downs, unlucky turn of events and brooding over the past. In any case, it is very important for you to let go and move on. If you haven't found love yet and you feel like you've tried everything, remember it is all about what kind of energy you put out there. Focus on living your best life, be at peace with yourself and keep your heart open.

Work/Finances: It is a stagnant and frustrating period in your career. The good news is that the Wheel of Fortune is the card of cycles, so this is just temporary. What's happened has happened, so that you can learn the lessons and pave a better way to success. Financially, it can indicate missed financial opportunities, debt or loss of money. Ensure you have a solid plan in case a financial emergency arises.

Health: The Wheel of Fortune reversed asks you to find better, healthier ways to deal with tough times. Remove yourself from situations and habits that drains your energy. Don’t resist making healthy changes. It also suggests slowing down and taking some time to rest.

Spirituality: If you are too frustrated because you are of bad luck, you must remind yourself that everything happens for a reason. With insight and intuition, you can always gain a higher understanding about yourself and why you chose this lesson. When you can’t change the circumstances, change your point of view.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

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