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Happiness, laughter and joy abound, when friends, family and lovers are around.’’

Amy Davis


In a gathering, three women are making a toast with golden cups. They are in a field of ripe fruits, and it is time to celebrate the abundant harvest. The cups are about emotions, and in the case of the Three of Cups, the emotions associated with it are friendship, satisfaction and growth.

Celebrations, parties & special occasions are what the Three of Cups mainly talks about. Spending quality time with your friends and family and creating memorable experiences, romantic dates and so on. Birthdays, weddings, family get togethers, graduations or baby showers are some of the examples to this.

In more detail, the Three of Cups represents completing a significant achievement, collaborative creativity or birth of something positive. You may be harmoniously working together towards a common goal or a charitable cause with others. Whatever the case is, expect great happiness, success and meaningful connections that will last long and grow more.

When you share success and happiness with others good times get better, but also your sadness is uplifted when things are tough. So, don’t overlook this important area in life!

Number 3 represents creation, collaboration and harmony.


Three of Cups Keywords

  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Celebration
  • Partnership



  • Isolation
  • Conflict
  • Love triangle

Upright Three of Cups

Guidance: The Three of Cups represents good times celebrated with your loved ones. You can look forward to abundance of love and success flowing in your life. The cause of celebration can be a personal achievement as well as someone else’s. What matters is to show people that you care, to share your ideas and to rejoice.

Love: When the Three of Cups shows up, a happy event in your life calls for a celebration. If you are in a relationship; this could be in the form of marriage, engagement, childbirth or perhaps just spending more quality time with your partner. Even if you are not in the best terms right now, you will feel uplifted and fulfilled by a good news soon. If you are single, this card hints to a friendship that can potentially turn into relationship. You are going to be a lot more sociable. Therefore, look for a special occasion that could bring you two together.

Work/Finances: Plenty of success, money and joy is arriving to you. There is a work-related celebration: such as completing a project, promotion, creating a thriving business or successfully reaching a milestone. It can also be a retirement party. All around positive vibes and harmony are surrounding your work environment and communications. If you have an innovative or creative idea, this card highly encourages you to collaborate with similar minded people.

Health: The Three of Cups can represent reaching a personal health goal. This card is highly associated with harmony and healing. You will be uplifted from your worries, so expect to see good progress in your health condition. You can also celebrate this happy moment with others.

Spirituality: The Three of Cups is the card of happy union of hearts. You may be coming together for a good cause, or for a spiritual/religious celebration. Overall, this period holds plenty of positive energy, compassion and joy to be shared.  It can also indicate a period of spiritual and emotional growth for you.

Guidance: Depending on the other cards in the reading, reversal of this card can indicate anything from quiet celebrations, disappointment in personal relationships, solitary time or excessive and uncontrolled indulgence. Celebrations or other planned events may be cancelled or delayed. This card advises you focus on building an inner circle with supportive and loving people. If some alone time away from distraction and crowd is what you need right now, don’t feel bad for it.

Love: The Three of Cups reversed can suggest a love triangle, or a third-party threat to your couple. Whatever situation is interfering with your relationship, you need to identify it and take action. Alternatively, it can mean short-term fling or casual flirting. In any case, emotions involved are not matured enough yet to sustain a committed relationship. If you are single, the card can represent a seducer which you should be careful about. Remember, ‘’three is a crowd.’’

Work/Finances: When this reversal represents your work environment, it could indicate disharmony, miscommunication or rumours. Especially if you are working in a crowded, stressful workplace; you may choose to work more independently for a while. Some alone time can give you the opportunity to improve your creativity and clarity of mind. And lastly, cancellations and delays are to be aware of. Regards to finances, you may be prone to jealousy or overspending. It is best to keep everything in moderation at this time.

Health: The Three of Cups reversed is often associated with over-indulgence in some sort. What you need is balance and having fun in moderation. Good habits are difficult to maintain, but it is a lot easier if you find pleasure in them. So, try to find your own sense of moderation without depriving yourself from fun or enjoying things without getting too carried away.

Spirituality: You may be choosing a quiet solitude over being sociable. Solitude allows you to think and really get to know your soul, while time shared with others teaches you to be generous and kind. However, solitude doesn’t mean loneliness. If you feel lonely, being more open hearted to new connections and giving to those in need are great ways to introduce harmony back in your life. Don’t dwell in the past disappointments you experiences with people, look to the future.

Reversed Three of Cups

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