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Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.’’

Vince Lombardi


Three people are shown discussing over the blueprint of the monastery. On the right, a priest and an aristocrat are listening the plans of the young sculptor on the left. The collaboration between priest, nobleman and apprentice therefore represents the importance of working with diversity and different opinions in reaching mastery and completion.

The main themes of the Three of Pentacles are craftsmanship, higher education or rank, mastery in skills and career development. In old divinatory meanings this card implied working with nobility and aristocracy. In a more modern interpretation this can be viewed as profitable and beneficial relations in business or help of influential people, even fame and title.

The Three of Pentacles talks about the initial stages of mastering fundamental skills in order to reach success. These are ‘’personal skills’’ such as hard work and dedication as well as how we deal with our environment, such as communication and teamwork.

Number 3 represents creativity, growth and collaboration.


Three of Pentacles Keywords

  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork

  • Growth

  • Progress



  • Lack of effort
  • Disharmony
  • Conflicts

Upright Three of Pentacles

Guidance: Strive for excellence. Learn, practice and work with others. Upgrade your skills in order to align yourself with your goals. The Three of Pentacles in a reading shows that you are already taking necessary steps towards the desired outcome. It can also mean that you further developing yourself in your academic or business career. Whatever the case is, you are on the right track!

Love: In a relationship, the Three of Pentacles can represent commitment, harmony and learning. You are working towards a mutual goal with your partner, financial or otherwise. You are a good team not only because you are building solid foundations of the future together, but also you chose to learn from the mistakes of the past. If you are single and ready for a committed relationship, your openness to others will prove beneficial.

Work/Finances: You are reaching a new level of expertise through hard work, determination, good teamwork and perhaps education. You are soon going to be rewarded based on these improvements. The reward could be graduation, higher rank or title, success and renown in career. If you are recently gaining ground on an enterprise, instead of taking rushed decisions, focus steadily on building your expertise. Small yet steady growth in finances.

Health: In relation to health, the Three of Pentacles can indicate gradual, steady progress towards an improved condition. This card often implies learning better self-care. Whether you decided to lose some weight, exercise or quit a bad habit; you will reap the rewards of your hard work soon. Surround yourself with people that will support you through your healing journey.

Spirituality: You are a lifelong learner. And it doesn’t just mean that you are constantly flipping pages of books, you are also learning from life experiences. The Three of Pentacles shows someone who is on his path to spiritual wisdom. This can also mean religious education. In any case the advice of the card is simple: By sharing your ideas and knowledge with others you can grow more.

Guidance: For various reasons, you are not willing to put considerable effort into your desired goals. You are dipping only your toes into the idea, instead of fully submerging yourself. When we enter the unknown, we all have doubts and obstacles. The important thing is as you go further, to release yourself from these burdens and fully dedicate yourself. Don’t be shy to team up, share and learn with others.

Love: In terms of relationships, the Three of Pentacles reversed can indicate being ‘’half committed’’. Let the regrets and mistakes of the past be lessons to you and your partner, rather than obstacles in the future. In order to build solid foundations, it is important that you listen to each other and be willing to show mutual effort. If you are single, this card in reversed shows that you or your interest are not very interested in the idea of a relationship at this time.

Work/Finances: The Three of Pentacles represents lack of motivation, communication, hard work and confidence. What will carry you to the success you desire is your own willingness. Therefore, as long as you don’t work hard and learn from past mistakes, you are being an obstacle to yourself. Especially if you are working on a new business idea, not only you but also people around you need your full commitment and confidence. You can greatly benefit from good teamwork. If you want to see rapid growth in your finances, you need to commit to a long-term plan.

Health: You have the intention to improve your well being. Without the necessary effort, the intention alone is not enough. It is time that you turn this intention to motivation. Fortunately, the Three of Pentacles reversed does not indicate any external obstacles reaching your goals. The outcome you want to create is mainly up to you. If you are going through a health problem, surround yourself with people that empower you rather than let you down.

Spirituality: Could it be your lack of motivation and unwillingness to learn that stalls you? When you look at the past, do you see regrets and mistakes or opportunities to grow more? If you make a small shift in your perspective, that might be all you need to feel more at peace within you. You don’t need to isolate yourself all the time. Open your heart and you shall receive.

Reversed Three of Pentacles

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