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You must gain control over your money. Or the lack of it will forever control you.’’

Dave Ramsey


In Rider-Waite deck, the Four of Pentacles shows a man sitting on a bench as if he is guarding his possessions. He has two pentacle coins beneath his feet, one between his hands and one coin on top of his head.

Between the colorful scenic background and plain foreground there is a clear horizontal line. This means that the Four of Pentacles is a stage card. The stage cards in the Rider-Waite Smith deck resemble theatrical backgrounds, therefore they give the impression ‘something is not what it seems to be’. In the case of this card, even though the man shows off his coins in a possessive and protective attitude, his pride over his material wealth is a façade.  He didn’t reach the wisdom, security and comfort of the Court of Pentacles just yet.

The Four of Pentacles often tells the story of a person who gets too attached over his accomplishments and possessions. He creates a measuring stick based on material values, which constantly leaves him with a feeling of ‘’never good enough’’. Not only this does not leave any room for a future growth, but it also creates shaky foundations.

Number 4 represents foundations, work and productivity.


Four of Pentacles Keywords

  • Security
  • Materialism

  • Attachments



  • Greed
  • Insecurity
  • Letting go

Upright Four of Pentacles

Guidance: While it is true that you have reached certain accomplishments and material gain, you may be having difficulties finding security and peace. You are either too conservative and possessive, or always reaching for more and more. Perhaps you are putting on a façade of wealth and happiness. This card can also talk about deep seated past issues having a hold on you. Remember: you are valuable no matter how you look, what you achieve or how much you own.

Love: The Four of Pentacles represents a person that is holding on to things and emotions in an unhealthy way. Material or emotional, this level of possessiveness can cause your relationship to stagnate. If you feel that you are harboring grudge to one another, it is time to clear the air. Release the past burdens and accept change however it may come.

Work/Finances: There is a such thing called being too careful in life. While there is nothing wrong with being protective and proud of your status and wealth; when you overdo it, you are creating obstacles for the future. Perhaps you are settling with a job that you are not fully satisfied with. Or you are too conservative with your finances that you don’t let yourself enjoy life. The security, comfort and happiness you are looking for lies within finding your self-worth outside material values.

Health: The Four of Pentacles in health readings often indicates external factors jeopardizing the well-being of the person. Some of these are stress, exhaustion, emotional wounds, worries and fears. Sometimes it can be a warning for digestive problems. Consider clearing out some of the actions and emotions that don’t serve your best health. Prioritize your self-care.

Spirituality: This card indicates that living your life in the constant noise and demands of the material world makes you feel unsatisfied. Can there be a way for you to find an inner peace and happiness that is never affected by the outside factors? The Four of Pentacles shows that you are a person determined for success, hardworking and proud. Now it is time to put those qualities in your spiritual life as well.

Guidance: When the Four of Pentacles is reversed, the pentacles that the man clings to starts dropping out of his hands. Some of the situations it represents are greed, jealousy, stinginess or recklessness or insecurity. This card therefore offers a helpful warning to manage what you have well. You may be holding onto some circumstances in a less than mature way. If you act with generosity, you shall receive it.

Love: In the context of love, The Four of Pentacles reversed has variety of different interpretations depending on other cards in the reading. First, it can represent an individual who is acting selfish, jealous, frivolous and dishonest. A relationship with control problems may be the case. The second meaning is that the person is ready to release old wounds and drop their guards to let more love in. The card’s main advice is:  Look for new opportunities to grow more, let go of your fears of losing someone and focus on yourself.

Work/Finances: The Four of Pentacles reversed shows that the material security and stability has not been achieved yet. There may be constant ups and downs and frustrating quarrels when it comes to your finances or work. Don’t cut corners at this time: solid hard work and dedication will be much more beneficial for you in the long term. Manage your assets wisely. Whether you are too loose or too tight with your money, it is time to find a healthy balance.

Health: When reversed, The Four of Pentacles suggests that it is time to release some stress and pressure out of your daily life to see improvements regards to your health. If you are currently dealing with a health problem, you may be worrying too much or acting irresponsibly. Number 4 is all about balance, moderation and stability. Watch closely for changes in your health.

Spirituality: In terms of spirituality, The Four of Pentacles acts as an advice to let go of selfishness, materialism and lack of generosity. Perhaps you have decided not to trust people based on past disappointments and regrets. Learn the lessons from the past and release. And when you show kindness and openness of your heart to others, you will be creating more room to receive those in your life.

Reversed Four of Pentacles

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