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As soon as you begin to pursue a dream, life wakes up and everything has a meaning.’’

Barbara Sher


The Three of Wands card shows a man upon a hill, peering into the distance. He has a firm grip on one of the three wands by his side. He seems to be confident of where he is going, as well as where he is standing now.

In a reading, The Three of Wands represents laying a solid foundation and moving forward consistently. Now, all the plans and strategy phase of the Two of Wands(link) is shaping into a direction and consistent growth and expansion. Through good judgement, moral ethics and constructive skills, you have finally reached a point where it is easier to shape the future in your vision. There is a sense of progression with this card, which can also be interpreted as travel, discovery, or a spiritual journey.

With the initiative and resourcefulness of the Three of Wands comes new and exciting life opportunities, especially in business and finances. Whenever you draw this card, you are feeling enthusiastic, energetic and focused. Make sure you take advantage of the potential opportunities it brings: This is an exciting time, don’t hold yourself back!

Number 3 represents creative potential and collaboration.


Three of Wands Keywords

  • Steady progression

  • Expansion

  • Travel



  • Lack of direction

  • Lack of focus

  • Indecisiveness
  • Lack of action

Upright Three of Wands

Guidance: You are confidently striving towards your big goals. Once you are clear on your vision, as long as you have the efforts to match it, you will achieve success. This card advises you to expand and grow, whether it is a personal growth, or your work. This will require a clear understanding of your values as well as your purpose. Other exciting indications of this card are travel, offers and overseas opportunities.

Love: The Three of Wands upright in relationships represents growing and building a strong foundation together. You are making long term plans with someone. It could indicate a long-distance relationship or a trip together with your partner. Alternatively, as an individual the Three of Wands can represent someone who is looking for more and not fully ready to commit. You or the person you are interested in may be too focused on improving their personal life, which is not a bad thing. More than anything, this card represents steady progress. Take things slow and see where it goes.

Work/Finances: The Three of Wands suggests a big opportunity has arisen. It may mean opportunity for a promotion, starting a business, or a travel. This card especially favors commerce, trade and business. At this time, getting advice from others and working as a team is just as important as working on your own. It is an excellent time to follow through your ideas. Don’t hesitate to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Health: Since the Three of Wands often represents growing stronger; in health readings it can be interpreted as good news. You may be reaching a personal health goal, such as a diet or breaking an addiction. As long as you are determined to make healthier changes, this card assures that things will keep getting better over time. In any case, you will see steady progress in your condition.

Spirituality: The Three of Wands implies that you are evolving, both spiritually and personally. As your personal definition of spirituality is changing over time, you are gaining a better understanding of yourself, which is giving you more inner strength and will to explore within. The important thing here is once you know your vision, you need to execute it without any fear or doubt. The world is your oyster.

Guidance: When the Three of Wands reversed appears in your reading, it indicates that you need to revise your plan before taking any action. Perhaps, the initial start of an exciting opportunity did not live up to your expectations. Ambition is great, but first you need to focus on taking smaller steps rather than taking leaps. Alternatively, you are too afraid to leave your comfort zone, or your vision is stuck in the ‘idea’ stage because of lack of direction. As a result, you may be missing out on wonderful opportunities. If this resonates with you, you need to break out of your shell and trust in yourself.

Love: If you were making long term plans with your partner, this card in reversed may indicate frustrations and complications ahead. At this time, unresolved issues from the past can impact future expectations. This card can also show a person who is haunted by possibility of a heartbreak and unable to make a move. Whatever is troubling you, first you need to recognize what emotions may be hidden beneath the surface. This card represents fear of commitment as well. It could be someone who is playing the field and dating multiple people.

Work/Finances: The Three of Wands reversed calls your attention to be proactive and focused. Right now, you may be dealing with some issues and frustrations, but it should not stop you from trying again. Be cautious of making any decisions that will have a long-term effect. Focus on the present, there may be things that are holding you back that needs to be resolved. It also speaks about the opportunities you are missing when you afraid to leave your comfort zone. Finances: Lack of growth, planning or deliberation.

Health: This card in reversed position suggests you are overworking, over worrying and the stress is getting to you. You don’t need to be on the move all the time. Just sit, relax and listen to yourself. Focus on now rather than future, because the only important moment is the present moment. Do not ignore any health symptoms. This card sometimes indicates minor frustrating delays in your health progress.

Spirituality: Your eyes are set on the distant future and you seem to spend your time always planning and worrying for the next big thing. This is where The Three of Wands reversed highlights the importance of living in the moment. Being mindful and happy in the present will bring more happiness in the future. If you're going to be creating the life of your dreams, you first need to believe that you can make it happen.

Reversed Three of Wands

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