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Knowing when to walk away is wisdom. Being able to is courage.’’


A man turns his back on the eight cups and walks away into the mountains. He only has a staff and a red robe. The moon is the only witness to his journey into the dark. Asymmetrically arranged cups suggests an imbalance in his emotional life.

Why would he leave everything familiar to him behind and walk away into an unknown path? Perhaps after a constant struggle and disappointment, he decided not to push or force things to happen anymore. Or he decided to walk away from his material identity to seek a higher understanding. There can be many reasons, but one thing is common: This is a conscious and independent decision.

Shifting your direction in life is a scary, yet one of the most transformative and liberating experience you can have. Whenever you reach a dead end in life, and you pick this card; find the courage in your heart to make a long overdue decision that will change your life in a new, better direction.

Number 8 represents determination and power.


Eight of Cups Keywords

  • Transition
  • Walking away
  • Dissapointment
  • Travel



  • Need for resolve
  • Fear of loss
  • Lack of change/movement

Upright Eight of Cups

Guidance: You are letting go of your attachments to people or situations behind in order to create a new path that is more in line with what you really want. By leaving your comfort zone, you now have freedom to learn and grow again. This could refer to a spiritual journey, a drastic change in your perspective, or literally walking away. Whenever you are afraid to take a step into the unknown, listen to your intuition and keep being brave enough to be yourself.

Love: There is a sense of disappointment and discontent here. You or your partner may be walking away from the relationship. Depending on the other cards in the reading, this situation could be temporary or permanent. If you’ve become weary of the arguments, or if your relationship is getting nowhere; take some time alone to figure things out. If you are single, you need to let go of the past heartbreaks to create more room for love in your life. Your life is not on pause when you are alone. Use it to reassess and heal.

Work/Finances: The Eight of Cups is a transitional card. You may be quitting your job, a disappointing situation or a negative mindset that is no longer fulfilling. Change of location is also very possible. Financially, it could refer to a loss in the recent past. Sometimes cutting your losses and getting out is the smartest option.  If this card is in future position, put your affairs in order and have a plan, so you don’t get too disrupted.

Health: More often than not, the Eight of Cups is an advice to walk away from stressful, emotionally draining situations. You need a change of pace, so slow down your busy life and focus on your wellbeing. Concentrate on the basics of good health: Drink more water, exercise and sleep more.

Spirituality: Getting more in touch with your soul is the bravest journey you can take. It often takes a lot of quitting, decluttering and walking away from your daily life. The Eight of Cups refers to a time in between transitions. Take this wonderful opportunity to transform with courage, peace and acceptance instead of fearful resistance.

Guidance: Are you running away or moving on? Socially, emotionally or spiritually, you are going through a transition process. Whether you will try again or walk away, it will be up to you. If something didn’t work out as you hoped, don’t be too quick to abandon it outright. Resolve the past fully so you can move on. Take time to process your emotions instead of repressing them. And most importantly, don’t make your decisions based on fear.

Love: “Should I stay, or should I go?” is the first question that comes to mind here. Perhaps you are unhappy in your relationship yet too afraid to leave. Or you may be taking the escape route without giving things a second chance. Only you can figure out what needs to be resolved internally. Therefore, you need to check in with your emotions and intuition before considering your next move. If you are single, you may be too afraid to love again because of your past experiences. Again, facing your fears and your feelings is the best thing you can do right now.

Work/Finances: If you want to be successful and fulfilled in your work life, don’t be afraid of change, embrace it. Even if it is a disappointing situation forcing you to adapt, grab this opportunity to make things better. If you are rushing to escape too soon however, you may need to rethink. In any case, be brave to face any challenge. This card can also represent financial stagnation.

Health: The issue here is more mental or emotional than psychical. You refuse to walk away from overwhelming situations or unhealthy behaviors that affects your overall health. Even a small mindset shift can boost your energy levels. It is time to declutter your mind.

Spirituality: If you feel stagnated in your spiritual journey, you are probably resisting to change. Denial of your emotions is just going to make it worse. It can be hard to be honest with ourselves when it comes to acknowledging our fears, but when it comes to spiritual growth, the only way is to push through. Imagine yourself being liberated from all the worries, anxieties and attachments. Healed from the painful memories of the past, you flow effortlessly through life. The only thing between that person and you, is you.

Reversed Eight of Cups

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