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When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true.’’

Paul Coelho


 A man sits on a wooden bench arms crossed.  Behind him, nine golden cups are arranged in an orderly manner and put on display.

One can assume from his smile and contentment that the Nine of Cups represents contentment and abundance. When it appears in a reading, you are happy with all aspects of your life and your emotional needs are fully satisfied.

The Nine of Cups also means enjoying the finer things in life. There is no shame in indulging yourself. Whether you achieved a long-term goal or just want to celebrate; pamper yourself without guilt, always keeping in mind to stay humble, kind and grateful.

Also known as the ‘wish card’ of the tarot deck, the Nine of Cups wants you to explore your wildest dreams and desires. Especially if it is in the future position, make a wish! It will soon be granted.

Number 9 represents clarity, harmony and completion.


Nine of Cups Keywords

  • Wishes coming true
  • Satisfaction
  • Joy



  • Overindulgence
  • Incompletion
  • Obstacles
  • Disappointment

Upright Nine of Cups

Guidance: With the Nine of Cups in your reading, your heart’s wishes are coming true! Love, success, happiness and prosperity are all in the cards. It is very often something you have worked hard and longed for. This card also reminds you that gratitude attracts more abundance. As you celebrate the good things in your life, remember to count your blessings.

Love: The Nine of Cups in love is all about fulfilling your heart’s desires. In your relationship, you are experiencing a deeper level of satisfaction, romance and intensity. The happy changes you wish to see in your relationship is coming true. For singles, it is about feeling emotionally satisfied with your status. Perhaps you are very content and happy being single, or perhaps a long-lasting romance is on its way. Whatever it is that you desire in your love life, it is soon yours.

Work/Finances: Prosperity, success, achievement and even fame are all indicated here. Your hard work is coming to fruition, and you can expect good news regards to your finances and career soon. Even if you are not where you want to be yet, expect your worries and struggles to be over soon. When in future position, focus on your long-term goals and envision the success you desire. It is closer than you think! In the future position, you will be relieved from some of your financial problems soon.

Health: The Nine of Cups brings pleasant news in all aspects of your life, including health. So, if you had been dealing with a health issue, it is very likely that things will take a turn for the better. However, when this card shows up, you should always keep in mind to do everything in moderation.

Spirituality: This is a time when your dreams and desires manifest into reality. The result is ultimate bliss in both your physical and spiritual life. The Nine of Cups encourages you to be the change you wish to see in your life. If you wish good fortune, express gratitude. If you wish to be loved, love.

Guidance: The Nine of Cups reversed indicates disappointment and dissatisfaction in reaching the desired outcome. Perhaps you feel empty after reaching a huge goal, or you get frustrated that your wishes did not come true yet. You may need to relinquish unexpected expectations that hold you back. In any case, put distracting emotions aside and refocus on your goal. And not just with your ego’s understanding of happiness, but with your soul’s as well.

Love: Whether you are in a relationship or single, it is time to ask yourself what makes you truly satisfied in your love life. Beside understanding your needs and desires, you need to also find your unconditional inner happiness. It is that simple: Love yourself first, so you can love others. The situations and people you attract to your life will be the reflection of how you treat yourself.

Work/Finances: The Nine of Cups reversed often represents difficulties reaching the success you desire. If you had been investing hard work, resources and consistency towards a goal and things are not working out the way you envisioned, a change of course may be necessary. Unrealistic expectations could make you overlook good business opportunities. Stay patient, focused and confident. Be cautious of your financial dealings, invest and spend your money wisely as you may be prone to overspending at this time.

Health: Moderation is what is advised with this card. You need to first figure out why you gravitate towards unhealthy habits in order to replace them with better, healthier options. And when you decide to indulge, make it an enjoyable occasion rather than a lifestyle.

Spirituality: If you wish to reach ultimate fulfillment in your life, you need to unify your material and spiritual needs. Being spiritually aligned does not mean you have to give up on the success and happiness you desire in the material world. We are all humans with basic human needs after all. But the deepest layer of your soul is also where you will discover your true purpose, beliefs and desires so that you can manifest your reality based on the ‘’true’’ you.

Reversed Nine of Cups

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