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All wealth is product of labor.’’

John Locke


The Eight of Pentacles card shows a young man carefully carving out each of eight pentacles and hanging them beside him. He seems very focused, working all by himself far away from the city and its distractions.

The message of the Eight of Pentacles is skilled craft and labor. In a reading, it can be representative of job training, learning experiences, devotion, mastering the use of skills and energy. In every case, reaching the desired outcome will require a lot of time and work. There may be even a few obstacles ahead. But this is not a bad thing. When the inspiration flows, the rest comes naturally. The more you will work, the more you will learn and get confident doing it. Such tasks like these gives us the opportunity to grow and get comfortable at what we are doing.

There is a sense of being devoted to a passionate project rather than a sense of duty. Therefore, this card can often symbolize someone who is improving their creative and artistic abilities. Since the person is completely immersed in this idea, there is a hidden warning to maintain a balance between life and work.

The journey of the Eight of Pentacles may get boring and unbearable at times, but know that little by little, you are shaping your destiny.

Number 8 represents money and power.


Eight of Pentacles Keywords

  • Skill development
  • Labor

  • Working alone



  • Perfectionism
  • Stuck in a routine

Upright Eight of Pentacles

Guidance: The Eight of Pentacles suggests that you are initiating a significant undertaking. You are working hard towards learning new skills and life lessons as an investment for the future. It consumes all your energy and time but; this is your passion. Doing the necessary work gives you satisfaction as much as reaching your desires. If you continue along this path, your potential and effort will turn into long lasting rewards in the future.

Love: This card shows your utmost devotion towards a person. In your relationship, you and your loved one are working as one in life. You both have set your eye on a goal for a better future. You may be doing financial investments together or collaborating on a project. Just make sure to have time for both your goals and your relationship equally. If you are single, you are fully committed on a personal achievement. And because it requires so much of you, you may be feeling isolated. If you wish, you can have both. Having a loving and supporting person in your life will not jeopardize your success.

Work/Finances: The Eight of Pentacles shows that you are fully committed to improve yourself and your situation. It is a time when passion and inspiration fuels you to work even harder. This card can talk about apprenticeship, education goals, artistic pursuits, job training, financial investments and developing a company. You are on your path to great success. All of this will require an immense work and effort on your part, so make sure you are not burnt out. Don’t completely isolate yourself, it is perfectly fine to ask for help and advice from others time to time.

Health: The Eight of Pentacles upright in health readings is very favorable; as it symbolizes slowly but steadily improving health condition. This is no miracle. You are putting a lot of effort, good judgement and positive thoughts into it. Sometimes, this card can suggest a need to maintain balance between work and life. If you feel you are overworking yourself, it is time to prioritize self-care.

Spirituality: You are passionate and devoted to your faith and spirituality. This card suggests that you are working through the lessons of the soul, following your heart and implementing your inner wisdom into your life. If this period of inner work makes you feel isolated sometimes, remember that you have so much love and knowledge to share with others. Sometimes, the Eight of Pentacles may also mean advancing in spiritual and religious studies.

Guidance: When the Eight of Pentacles is reversed, you are having a hard time reaching the goals and standards you have set for yourself. You may be a struggling perfectionist: focusing on small details and missing the big picture, neglecting everything else around you. The second option is, you are trying to perfect your skills, but due to lack of commitment and confidence your progress is stalled. In both cases, it is clear this is a very important goal for you. So, don’t rush to get there, always be confident in your steps and try to have some fun along the way.

Love: The harmony you are seeking in your love life has not been achieved yet. This might be due to lack of commitment, boredom, disappointment and workload. If you are working crazy long hours, balancing time for a demanding job with quality time for your relationship might be the key. If you feel like you are stuck in a routine, think of fun activities you would like to share with your partner. For singles: Welcoming a little fun and romance back into your life can be beneficial for you in so many ways. If you have the willingness, don’t wait around. You need to show some effort as well. It may also represent a very demanding person or a one-sided relationship.

Work/Finances: When you picked the Eight of Pentacles in reverse, things are probably not going the way you had hoped for. Your ultimate goal requires too much time, effort and consistency. Even if you are stuck in a position or a job you are not happy with right now, don’t focus on the negative. Work on how you can improve your abilities, build more confidence and be productive while enjoying life. When it comes to finances, you need to have a clear headspace before you jump into big decisions. The past mistakes are there for you to learn important lessons for the future. When you hit a dead end, there is always a new opportunity waiting for you. You are capable of change, if you believe it and put your best into it.

Health: One of the best things you can do for your health is to eliminate some stress out of your life. When the Eight of Pentacles shows up in your health reading, see what you are overdoing. Are you excessively worrying about your health problems? Are you too busy or too careless? Any of these things can make you neglect proper self-care. Approach your life with moderation and balance starting with your wellbeing.

Spirituality: It is possible to be successful in your material life without jeopardizing spiritual bliss. You don’t need to choose one over the other. Try to see them as interlinked, rather than two separate realities. Whenever you get disappointed with yourself or others, instead of choosing recovery, you choose to lock yourself with pessimistic thoughts and forget the key. At this time, when you think you need to be isolated from all the world, it may be just the opposite.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles

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