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Hard work pays off in the future but requires discomfort now. Laziness pays off now but guarantees discomfort in the future.’’

Hal Elrod


In Rider-Waite deck, the Seven of Pentacles card shows a man dressed in a yellow tunic taking a break from a hard day of labor. He is gazing towards his crops which are symbolized as seven pentacle coins. He seems tired and there is still some work to do, but he knows that the harvest shall arrive soon.

The Seven of Pentacles highlights the interlink between effort and growth. The journey from initial effort to success often goes through many trials and lessons. In order to reach the destination, you now must release all fear and doubts that are slowing you down.

The rewards and success that the Seven of Pentacles promises are long-term. This means that the desired outcome will happen when the time is right, and you have worked through everything. When this card appears; you may feel that you hit a roadblock, when in reality it is all part of this long journey you are in.

Although this card often applies to material endeavors, it also is always spiritual. Consistently going after your goals not only requires hands-on work in day to day life, but some inner work as well. When you feel like you cannot go any further, remind yourself that although this obstacle in front of you is temporary; you are on the path of awakening confidence, perseverance, commitment and courage within you for a lifetime.

Number 7 represents wisdom, creativity and mental work.


Seven of Pentacles Keywords

  • Hard work
  • Perseverance

  • Long term investment



  • Lack of effort and vision
  • Delays
  • Impatience

Upright Seven of Pentacles

Guidance: With the Seven of Pentacles in a reading, it is clear that you are working towards a goal you wanted for a long time. Even though you are eager to get it done quick, this is not a situation that can be solved with hastiness: Approach your problems with patience and attendance. Don’t let fear of failure cloud your judgement. The success you are hoping for is on the horizon. All you need to do is keep working towards it.

Love: In a relationship, the Seven of Pentacles indicates a couple that walks through life with mutual love and support. You may be also working towards a common material goal; such as buying a house or pooling your resources together. Your goals are long term, but if you continue to work harmoniously the payoff will be big. If you are single, you may be recently coming out of a period of self-assessment and nurturing. When you are ready to open your heart for love, it is going to knock your door.

Work/Finances: This is where the Seven of Pentacles truly shines. It is almost always good news regards to your job, company, finances or education. A long-term goal that you had been working so hard for is going to start to pay off. There is no reason to spend your energy on doubt and fear. You already persevered through many trials, and you are more than ready to take on more. If you are developing a new business or a creative idea, your future shows great progress. Stay patient and confident. Expect steady growth in your finances.

Health: The Seven of Pentacles suggests that you were exploring new ways to improve your wellbeing. Your health goals are long-term therefore you need to keep being committed. Yours is a long journey, so if you reach a couple setbacks don’t be so hard on yourself. Instead, let those setbacks be a proof to show you how strong you are.

Spirituality: This card talks about harmony and balance between your spiritual and material life. Your willingness to live and learn as a soul is starting to radiate to your outer life. You are becoming more successful, more confident and wiser. In return, the path that you are taking to achieve your goals is shaping you into a better version of yourself. You are not a quitter! When in doubt, remember: What you reap is what you sow.

Guidance: When the Seven of Pentacles is reversed, it means that you are having difficulties reaching what you have hoped for. Perhaps realizing the sheer mountain of effort required is what scared you off. On the other hand, you may be riddled with confusion and aimlessness. In any case, you must remember your true motivation once again. After you assess your strategy and find what is causing trouble, build the courage to start over. Change your course if necessary.

Love: The progress in the relationship may have been stalled. This might be due to lack of excitement, commitment and effort; or outside factors such as not having enough time and energy. Alternatively, something you were working towards together has reached a roadblock or you are simply not patient enough. Try to get your priorities right. What is most important to you in life? When you answer this question, you know what needs your effort the most. If you are single, reversal of this card shows that your focus is elsewhere, possibly on work and finances.

Work/Finances: Based on your perception, you had been working hard and long towards a desired outcome with little to no pay off and you may decide to quit all together. You may be losing money over bad decision making, or not have enough confidence to move forward with an idea. The Seven of Pentacles reversed represents pushing too hard or lack thereof. You need to step back and reassess your situation. Prioritize your time and efforts. If you need to, cut your losses and move on. You can and will turn back from this, if you own your courage and dedication.

Health: Something regards to your health is unsatisfactory to you. Might be an illness or just a long-term health goal you are trying to achieve. You know what’s right and wrong, what to do and what to quit, but you are having a hard time adjusting your efforts. Don’t overachieve and try to see ten steps ahead. Doing this will only scare you. Instead, focus on each day. Staying positive through all this is the key.

Spirituality: When you feel like you are getting the opposite of what you were hoping for, have faith in the universe and most importantly, yourself. There is a reason to everything. Your troubles today will be a lesson for tomorrow. Walk with patience, positivity and confidence; and you shall see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will persevere and shine.

Reversed Seven of Pentacles

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