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Freedom is the greatest fruit of self-sufficiency.’’



A regal woman is standing in a beautiful vineyard near the countryside. Her companion is a falcon which rests on one of her hand, while the other holds a gold coin. In ancient times falcons were seen as magnificent birds of prey, symbolic of victory and freedom.

The Nine of Pentacles indicates that the obstacles had been cleared and the outcome is certain. Through dignity, discipline and stability, grounds for a peaceful and prosperous future had been built.

In a reading, this card often shows you are excellent in using resources and maintaining high standards. You are a self-made person. Now it is time for you to enjoy comfort and abundance you had worked for.

Financial independence the card foretells may be gained through inheritance, retirement, dividend or good investments and hard work. Symbolism of fertility throughout the card suggests importance of family values, nurturing and providing.

But this card is not just about material riches, it also comes with a greater self-fulfillment. The card’s hidden message is: Any sort of success blossoms with a mindset of contentment and inner peace. The energy you vibrate with will shape your reality. If you vibrate with joy and abundance, you will attract more in return.

Number 9 represents inner wisdom and humanitarian work.


Nine of Pentacles Keywords

  • Abundance
  • Self-sufficiency

  • Freedom



  • Lack of stability
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Unsatisfaction

Upright Nine of Pentacles

Guidance: The Nine of Pentacles represents overcoming and completion. You are entering a period of comfort, happiness and wealth. Burdens of worry and fear is lifted. Effects of your hard work and investments are certain and long lasting. Emotionally, physically and financially, you are gaining independence. The best thing to do right now is to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Share your abundance and happiness with others.

Love: In relationships, the Nine of Pentacles represents a time of stability and joy in both emotional and financial aspects. Instead of worrying constantly about providing and securing your future, you can now finally enjoy a comfortable life and deepen your relationship. Because now you feel confident in your position, this card can also indicate marriage, proposal and birth. If you are single, you are most probably very content and happy staying that way. You are in a phase of enjoying your independence and self-esteem.

Work/Finances: After a slow and steady progress, you have reached a level of success, wealth, status and overall fulfillment. Projects you were working on are reaching a completion. When the Nine of Pentacles appears; business, career and finances are all thriving. This is a good time to do investments and flourish creative ideas. Go forth with confidence in your plans. Enjoy, celebrate and share each happy moment because you deserve it. You may receive a significant amount of money soon.

Health: The Nine of Pentacles is a very favorable card to get as it represents good news of fertility, rejuvenation and nurturance. You are successfully reaping the benefits of your hard work and discipline regards to improving your health. If you are in a caretaker position, you are doing an excellent job and the situation is going to show improvement. It is time to celebrate.

Spirituality: The Nine of Pentacles suggests that you have reached a spiritual, mental and material satisfaction. In the past, you had worked consistently on improving yourself. A lot of burdens are being lifted off your shoulders. You feel comfortable and at peace in all aspects of life. Now, you can take a deep breath and look to the future. Celebrate life, radiate love and be grateful!

Guidance: In some aspects of your life, you seem to be losing independence or stability. Don’t let this situation take a blow to your self-esteem. You can always rub off the dirt on your knees and get back up. When the Nine of Pentacles appears reversed, often the person thinks ‘it is simply not enough.’ In order to reach a level of abundance, you must first have peace with your current situation. There is nothing wrong with wanting to succeed and improve. However, make sure you are not neglecting everything else.

Love: The Nine of Pentacles reversed can represent unsatisfaction and weak foundations in a relationship. If this is the case, do the best with what you have and find joy in the simple things in life. Don’t let the concerns for money effect your relationship. If you build your environment around happiness and contentment, abundance will follow. Same advice applies if you are single. Look for the person who makes you truly happy and feel safe. Love yourself and others regardless of their material status.

Work/Finances: You may be risking your financial independence and security by overextending yourself. Before you give in to disappointment: Are you sure you did your best? The Nine of Pentacles reversed is a warning to be clever and careful with your future investments. Always read the small print. You need to take a slow and steady approach regards to your career, work and money. Once you reach a level of stability, you can enjoy finer things in life. Be confident with your decisions, but not arrogant.

Health: In health readings, the Nine of Pentacles reversed often suggests a lack of self-discipline. It is probable that you are neglecting your wellbeing against your better judgement. However, beating yourself up is not an option. The problems this card hints are often preventable and self-created. If you do your part well in taking care of yourself, you will feel much better.

Spirituality: The Nine of Pentacles reversed indicates you are seeking for more in life and that’s perfectly fine. First, you need to make sure to build your foundations based on spiritual abundance rather than material. If you don’t have peace and joy within you, you cannot create it around you. Secondly: You are an independent and unique individual. Discover and embrace your own truths, before you listen to other opinions.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles

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