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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.’’



The Five of Pentacles depicts an image of poverty. Two people, one injured and other barefoot; are trying to survive the icy cold winds of winter. Behind them, warm light is pouring through the stained-glass window embellished with five pentacle coins. Yet, the people keep on walking heads down; as if they are not aware of the safe and inviting place right next to them.

Often the connotations of the Five of Pentacles are rather negative. It can indicate scarcity in both material and emotional terms. The person feels left out in the cold as a result of a significant loss.

The fortunate news, however, is that usually the struggles the card refers to are left in the past. And now this difficult past demands a resolution in order to avoid liability in the future.

Financial or otherwise, every loss takes a toll on the person’s life. But while this current situation is temporary, you are still standing strong. Don’t shy away from help. Through the journey of recovery, the most important thing to remember is that love is a very powerful force of healing. So, hold your loved ones closer than before; but most importantly accept and love yourself again.

Number 5 represents change, independence and versatility.


Five of Pentacles Keywords

  • Scarcity
  • Loss

  • Struggle



  • Recovery
  • Hope

Upright Five of Pentacles

Guidance: The Five of Pentacles is an indication of loss, debt, worry and grief. Don’t let the struggles take a blow to your happiness. You can come out of this situation if you can change your mindset and take a step towards love, hope and confidence. There is nothing wrong with asking for help from people who are there to support you, emotionally and financially. Learn from the past and be patient.

Love: The feelings this card represent are loneliness, anxiety, disappointment and regret. Recently or in the past, you have been going through a heartbreaking situation. If you are in a relationship, these emotions you are feeling may be towards your partner or something else that effected your relationship badly. In any case, bottling up your feelings is never a good idea. A change needs to happen, so let it be. If you truly love and support each other, this hardship will make you stronger as a couple. If you are single, this card advises you to learn to love yourself unconditionally. Don’t focus on the lack of romance in your life, focus on you.

Work/Finances: Concerning work and finances, the Five of Pentacles is less than desirable. You have been struggling with some situations such as losing your job, making ends meet, debts or going out of business. In future position, it can be a warning to make better decisions and take less risks. You may be asking yourself, ‘’Why does this all happen to me? Am I doomed for failure?’’. If this is the case, stop blaming yourself. Hardships are important lessons to prepare us for our greatness in future. The last thing you need is to be isolated in this situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.

Health: The Five of Pentacles is an indication of struggling with health complications, often due to building up stress from financial and emotional problems. If this is the case, remember; your health is much more valuable. It is time that you choose your happiness and wellbeing despite anything else going on in your life. This situation is temporary, and you need a strong mind and body to go through it.

Spirituality: You have been having tough times in your external life which inevitably affects you spiritually. You may have been closed yourself off to all world, even to your own happiness. There is an important lesson for you to grow as a person here; and isolation and pessimism are not your solutions. You are always loved, unconditionally and as a whole; even if you don’t see it right now. Be gentle to yourself.

Guidance: Coming out of a significant pressure, you are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Five of Pentacles reversed suggests you reflect inward and resolve the victim mentality you may be holding onto. This hard situation has tested your strength as a person, and you won. Now it is time that you start believing in yourself. One small step at a time, focus on gaining back what you have lost. Do not take any risks.

Love: The Five of Pentacles reversed represents some much-needed progress in your life as a result of your positivity and strength. The feelings of loneliness and misery you have been feeling in your relationship is going to dissolve once you implement this mindset to your life. If the relationship did not work out, you still deserve happiness and peace. If you are single, love is going to welcome you again. Let go of blame and guilt and open your heart to the new.

Work/Finances: In reversed position, the Five of Pentacles loses some of its negative meanings. This means that the end to your struggles about your work and finances is near. Of course, there is still some work to do. Once you built your confidence and dedication again, you need to focus on clearing out damaging situations. You are now in recovery mode. Manage your finances wisely and be very thoughtful of your decisions.

Health: You are seeking some resolutions towards your recovery and wellbeing. This is very good for you; it means that you are losing some of that negative mindset you previously held about your condition. Stay positive and strong, the end to your troubles is near.

Spirituality: Reversal of the Five of Pentacles means that you have come to the realization that you need to turn around from a dark place you have found yourself in. It takes a great courage to do something like this. It shows your strength and wisdom. You will now know that your happiness is in your hands, unaffected by any hardship that may come in the future.

Reversed Five of Pentacles

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