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What you give is what you get.''


In the imagery of the Six of Pentacles, a wealthy man is shown giving money to the poor. He holds a balanced scale in his left hand as a symbolism for the karmic balance of the universe.

The Six of Pentacles is all about sharing, giving and receiving.

The transition from the Five of Pentacles to the Six shows a journey from poverty to prosperity. The previous financial struggles have been resolved, security and stability had been achieved. As a result, the person decides to be charitable to those who are still struggling. In return, his generosity and kindness continue to grow his wealth, both spiritually and financially.

Aside from flow and harmony in material terms, this card can also be interpreted as individual responsibilities towards community and family. A good deed does not always have to come from the wallet. Sometimes the unconditional love and support we give to one another is more valuable than anything else.

Number 6 represents harmony, family and community.


Six of Pentacles Keywords

  • Generosity
  • Sharing

  • Compassion



  • Imbalance in giving and receiving
  • One sided relationships

Upright Six of Pentacles

Guidance: Generosity leads to prosperity. According to the Six of Pentacles, you are building a stable and steady foundation to your finances. Whether you are the generous person that the card talks about, or in the receiving end of someone’s kindness; it is a good time to be grateful for what you have and give to others in need in any way you can. You will always reap what you sow. It is time to sow with the seeds of compassion and fairness now in anything you do.

Love: The Six of Pentacles in relationships represents good harmony and teamwork. You ‘click’ with your partner in many aspects, generosity and kindness may be some of them. You stand shoulder to shoulder in life, possibly working together towards a common goal. For singles, the Six of Pentacles advises you to open your heart once again. You are a loving, kind soul. Don’t let the past heartbreaks block you from receiving the same kindness you show to others. If you have feelings for someone, don’t be afraid to show them.

Work/Finances: The Six of Pentacles represents steady flow of money, harmonious partnership, charitable work and good management. This is a great card to get especially in present and future positions. After a period of hardship, you are ready to take back the control of your life. It means that you are not only progressing towards wealth and status, but also sharing it with others in need. Or you may be receiving help and support of a kind authority. It is also indicative of mutually beneficial work environment and projects. Giving is receiving.

Health: This card talks about progress and recovery after a period of struggling with health complications. ‘’You reap what you sow.’’ still applies here. Your dedication and positivity are paying off. The Six of Pentacles also advises to get help, love and support of others during your healing journey.

Spirituality: The Six of Pentacles shows an altruistic soul wanting to do much good. If this resonates with you, go for it. You don’t need to be wealthy to help others. Sharing your love, knowledge and positivity will open your heart to receive much more in return. Your empathy is the best gift. Even if you are sitting at home and wishing for a better future for others, you are being of help.

Guidance: When the Six of Pentacles is reversed, you are turning inward and focusing to help yourself rather than others. You may have been struggling to find your own harmony in financial and emotional matters. You should not close yourself off from receiving and giving of support. In your situation you are dealing with, cutting corners is not the best option. Trust in the universe. By working hard, being fair and generous, you shall succeed.

Love: Often, the Six of Pentacles reversed can suggest a not so mutually beneficial relationship. You may be having arguments based on power struggles with your partner or financial difficulties you face together. You need to be working as a team of equals, and if you or your partner is acting out of selfishness; you need to openly communicate about your problems. If you are single, the card may mean that you don’t want to focus your time and energy into a relationship at this time. Or it may indicate heartbreak from a one-sided relationship. If you are giving too much to this person, you need to start giving to yourself more.

Work/Finances: A situation regards to your work or finances is tipping the scales against your favor. The Six of Pentacles reversed can represent money and power struggles, dissolving a partnership, unsatisfaction and greed. You are adamant on improving your situation, and there is nothing wrong with focusing on your progress. However, be careful that this behavior does not turn into greed and selfishness. When it comes to competition; work hard, play fair and be kind. Sometimes this card can indicate a less than honest situation. Be mindful of who you trust.

Health: The scales in the imagery loses its balance once the card is reversed. Therefore, you may be having difficulty dealing with a health problem. Often with the reversal of this card, some part of the problem is self-created. Perhaps you think you know all the solutions, completely ignoring every available option or choosing to trust a misinformative advice. Make sure that you reach out to medical health professionals rather than trusting word of mouth.

Spirituality: You are having a hard time finding a peace of mind. When it comes to relationships and work, there may be a lot of arguments or selfishness around you. If this is the case, be the voice of calm and reason. In your past experiences, your kindness was perhaps taken for granted, or used. This is not your fault. It is never a bad thing to be unconditionally loving and respectful. Still, if people use this for their own agenda, make them aware of their mistakes. In time, you will find the balance you are seeking for.

Reversed Six of Pentacles

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