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A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future.’’


A couple lovingly hold each other while their kids are playing in a green field. On the top of the card, ten golden cups are arranged in an arch, creating a beautiful rainbow over them.

The last card of the Suit of Cups tells us a fairy tale story. The transition from the Nine of Cups which is known as a ‘wish’ card, which indicates that your dreams are coming true. When you pick this card, close your eyes and visualize for a moment what ultimate bliss means to you. Challenges and obstacles are far behind, now you are only surrounded by love and harmony. You reached a point where you are confident in yourself and in your life’s path.

As seen in the imagery, the Ten of Cups is also highly associated with family, marriage and children. It represents a place or a person that you call home. You are experiencing abundance of peace and joy in your personal relationships, perhaps with a loving partner by your side.

And finally, the Ten of Cups advises you to always celebrate and appreciate your life and the ones you love. Even the smallest moments can bring unexpected joy.

Number 10 represents completion and new beginnings.


Ten of Cups Keywords

  • Love
  • Harmony
  • Family
  • Satisfaction
  • Joy



  • Disharmony
  • Relationship/family tension

Upright Ten of Cups

Guidance: The Ten of Cups shows that you are happy and content with all aspects of your life, especially in your family relationships. If it is in future position, allow yourself to clarify your vision of your goals and dreams, because first step of reaching where you want to be is to envision yourself already there. Expect happy reunions, good fortune and celebrations to enrich your life soon.

Love: This card is one of the best indicators of stable, happy relationships. You have a harmonious and romantic connection with your partner which sets the stage for a long-term commitment. Marriage and children are very possible with this card. If you are single, this card can represent someone, perhaps a past lover, that shares the same values, beliefs and interests with you and cares deeply for you. If you haven’t met this person before, true love will come knocking at your door soon.

Work/Finances: The Ten of Cups represents prosperity, success and stability. After a period of hard work, struggle and patience, you are finally hitting your long-term goals. This is a time when you feel fully satisfied with your work not only financially and mentally, but also emotionally. If it is in future position, have confidence in your own abilities and in your direction.

Health: Overall good health and happiness is what this card suggests. Especially if you or someone you know had been having problems, you should see improvement soon. You are also achieving your long-term health goals. Childbirth, children and good fertility health can also be indicated here.

Spirituality: As the number ten suggests, you are reaching a completion of a major cycle. This is a point in your life when struggle and resistance end, and the total harmony begins. With the Ten of Cups, you are awakening to divine love in the purest form. Opening your heart to divine love will heal the past and help you engage in more loving and joyous relationships in the future.

Guidance: The Ten of Cups reversed often indicates that your personal relationships or home life are in disharmony in some way. You may be questioning your goals, expectations and people that disappointed you. Realigning yourself with your highest purpose will get you the clarity you need at this time. Life can’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time, but if you are connected to your inner harmony, no storm can shake you down.

Love: In your relationship or marriage, things may not be so smooth. You may be having trouble seeing each other’s point of view. As a result of tension and arguments, you may be emotionally disengaging from your feelings and your partner. Often this card suggests that the problems can be solved with establishing good communication. However, you first need to understand what you really want from your perception of ideal relationship. If you are single, you may be waiting around for this ‘perfect’ relationship, or someone to commit. Don’t rely on others when it comes to your personal happiness.

Work/Finances: If you are unfulfilled or disappointed about something, it is time to clarify the issue and focus on the changes to make for a better future. When it comes to reaching a major success, there will always be some obstacles in the way. The key is to set attainable goals and be consistent. You can find a way to successfully live within your means, without feeling deprived of fun. This reversal can also represent disharmony in work-life balance, or tension in your work relationships.

Health: The Ten of Cups reversed represents disharmony. Maintaining good health doesn’t only mean taking care of your body, your emotional balance plays an important part as well. An optimistic mind leads to a better, faster healing. Don’t burden yourself with a lot of stress and work at this time.

Spirituality: You are be too focused on your material goals that you may be neglecting your spirituality. You can reconnect with your inner self to seek answers in your outer life. A life supported by a deep knowing of true self will always feel more fulfilled and harmonious. This way you can also establish your core beliefs and shape your own destiny the way you desire.

Reversed Ten of Cups

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