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Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.’’

Anthony Liccione


In the Rider-Waite deck, The Ten of Pentacles depicts a lovely family get together beside the entrance of their estate. While husband and wife are chatting, their child and dogs are playing around them. The elderly man watching this happy view of his loved ones, who is presumably grandfather, is shown wearing a beautiful cloak embroidered with grapevine symbols. Surrounding the whole picture, there are the ten gold pentacle coins.

More often than not, the Ten of Pentacles highlights the matters of family and home. Common household concerns, such as past struggles about how to provide better for your family and to make the ends meet are diminished. The financial security the card talks about may be earned through inheritance, retirement, or a stable income.

When the reading is not about wealth, it can suggest that you are highly involved in deepening the roots of your personal relationships. This could mean buying a new home, having a large family, spending more time with your loved ones or marriage.

The Ten of Pentacles can be about happy conclusions as well as fresh new beginnings.

Number 10 represents completion, fulfillment and new potentials.


Ten of Pentacles Keywords

  • Abundance
  • Family

  • Security

  • Harmony



  • Family tension
  • Delays/obstacles in reaching fulfillment
  • Disharmony

Upright Ten of Pentacles

Guidance: When the Ten of Pentacles appears, all aspects of your life are working together harmoniously. This is a time you are very involved with family, tradition and home. In future and present position, your foundations are secure, and you no longer should worry about financial problems. You may be buying a new house or acquiring large sums of money soon. The best thing to do right now is to let yourself fully enjoy your life with your loved ones.

Love: Everything you can think of a solid and fulfilling relationship is found in the Ten of Pentacles. This card can represent a wealthy partner or partnership, long-term commitment, marriage, birth, and solid family values. Financial worries disappear, leaving its place to romance and harmony. If you are planning about a long-term commitment with your partner such as marriage, having a baby or buying a home, this card is very favorable. If you are single person with a desire for a deeper, more meaningful relationship, soon you will be able to experience it.

Work/Finances: The Ten of Pentacles is one of the best cards to get in this position. Your job, education, company and finances are all reaching to a next level. If you haven’t yet, you should be able to enjoy a prosperous, secure and stable life very soon. The card talks about acquisition of wealth either with retirement, inheritance, dividend or solid income.  A new chapter, perhaps an exciting change, is coming to you. Alternatively, you may be planning to work in a family business which will be very beneficial for you.

Health: The Ten of Pentacles in health readings suggests a long and healthy life. If you had any concerns about wellbeing of yourself or a family member, this is good news. It may mean you will get the emotional and financial support of your loved ones. Either way, you are reaching recovery you were hoping for soon.

Spirituality: You are a self-built person. When it comes to your environment, home, family, faith and material aspects, your life is rooted on solid foundations which you will enjoy for a long time. In your spirituality, you have made a full circle, learned from the past, and reached a higher level of inner peace. Love and happiness grow when they are shared. You are possibly going to be involved with helping and supporting your loved ones soon.

Guidance: When the Ten of Pentacles is reversed, prosperous and fulfilling future the upright position suggests is not yet attained. You may be valuing money more than you should. Avoid tension and arguments in your inner circle. This card can also be a warning sign of loss you may experience in the future if you don’t reassess your situation. It’s best to steer away from unorthodox methods and short-cut gains at this time.

Love: The Ten of Pentacles reversed represents core issues in a relationship, financial struggles, tension between couples or in the family. You are probably having doubts thinking about the long-term. It’s time to reassess your values and see if it lines up with your partner’s. If you can find common ground to build your foundations better for the future, do it based on honesty, love and mutual support rather than material values. If you are single, this reversal suggests that you either not interested in a long-term relationship, or having difficulty finding one. Same advice goes for singles.  Follow your heart, not the money.

Work/Finances: First thing to remember with this reversal is to step back and assess your situation with a clear mind. You are possibly having troubles with debt, loss or unwelcome changes at this point. It can also represent financial arguments within the family or partnerships. Focusing on your long-term plans for a more secure and stable future is going to prove beneficial. Don’t overextend yourself and avoid unnecessary expenses. With a logical and practical approach, this can all be overcome.


Health: You or someone close to you may facing a health problem. In order to avoid bigger consequences in the future, the Ten of Pentacles reversed suggests you prioritize your health and stop stressing over financial troubles. If you are concerned, seek modern and conventional health care over more unconventional methods.

Spirituality: You are dreaming of a well-established life, but it is no reason for you to not be fulfilled within now. Riches and comfort that you seek lie within yourself. Allow yourself to be happy with what you have. Surround yourself with positive and supporting people. Love yourself regardless of what others think. If you build and maintain your life through these values, your dreams are going to be the future.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles

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