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Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion in their operation.’’

John Ruskin


In Rider-Waite, beside a picturesque countryside view, we see a young figure holding a gold pentacle coin. He is dressed simple yet stylish. In other tarot decks he is sometimes depicted as an androgynous figure.

He is the youngest member of the court of Pentacles. Where the Page of Pentacles lacks experience and wisdom, he compensates with his willingness to learn. Because of this, he is sometimes interpreted as an apprentice or someone who is education oriented.  

In a tarot reading, The Page of Pentacles represents an individual or a situation with characteristic qualities of the card. He is an adaptable and focused individual. As a specific situation, this card represents the early stages of development and growth. In order to flourish his creative ideas, the Page of Pentacles is determined to master new skills and learn from mistakes along the way.

When interpreted as an individual, it is likely to be a younger male or female that has one of the earth element zodiac signs in his natal chart.


Page of Pentacles Keywords

  • Development
  • Ambition

  • Financial opportunities

  • New beginnings



  • Lack of motivation
  • Delay

  • Immaturity

Upright Page of Pentacles

Guidance: You are ready to take the next step towards turning your passion into reality. Whatever your endeavor is, it will surely require your continuous effort and dedication. You are bursting with creativity, and as every creative person you like to imagine what it will be. But now it is time to stop dreaming and start doing. This is a great time to focus on how you can learn new skills or master your expertise.

Love: The Page of Pentacles can represent a relationship in its initial stages. As a partner, he is someone who is very focused on his future goals, perhaps his education. Romance is not the first thing that comes to mind when interpreting this card. That being said, he surely values honesty and loyalty. If you are single, it may mean that your primary focus is your personal growth rather than seeking love.

Work/Finances: The Page of Pentacles shines the most in the areas of work, education and finances. When this card shows up, you can expect to get good news regards to all these areas. You are ambitious, hard-working and focused. It can represent a newly developing business, pursuing a higher education or clever financial investments. In every case, as long as you stay committed, you are going to succeed.

Health: The Page of Pentacles is young, highly active and health oriented. Hence, it can signify improved health and well being through dedication. For example, you may be trying out a new health and fitness regime. If this is the case, you are going to start to see the results very soon.

Spirituality: For the curious minds and seeker souls, the Page of Pentacles opens the gateway to new opportunities to learn and grow. Look out for these opportunities as they may come in many forms: perhaps it is a book that you will change your perspective, or it is a learning experience. It can also represent someone who pursues spiritual education.

Guidance: By being reversed, the Page of Pentacles loses his motivation and interest to grow. The reason to this might be a disappointment either recent or in the past. Success comes from focused intent, thought and action. In this case you have the intention; but you are lacking the action and thought to support it. In order to turn your passion into productivity, explore your options with a practical and realistic mindset.

Love: The reversed Page of Pentacles can represent immatureness regards to a relationship or a partner. A relationship is as strong as its foundations. If you build it too quickly or without care, it will collapse with the smallest quake. Work on building mutual trust and support before anything else. If you are single, your perspective towards relationships may be a little pessimistic. If you want to experience love, you need to be open to it.

Work/Finances: The Page of Pentacles reversed can represent variety of issues concerning work, money and education. These issues may be in the form of reckless financial decisions, failure or disappointment, lack of motivation and experience. For one reason or the other, you do not put enough effort into achieving your goals at this time. As we all know, nothing comes easy. Every mistake is a learning experience. First and foremost, remember your passion. Clear your head, focus your intention and start over again.

Health: This card in reversed can indicate failure to follow up on a health plan or procedure. The problem is often self-created, such as being unmotivated or overdoing things. You may be uninformed about an issue.

Spirituality: The reversed Page of Pentacles is someone who is having difficulties balancing a spiritual and mundane life. When you are pursuing deeper knowledge, you seem to ignore responsibilities. Or when you are too caught up on day to day life, you don’t pay enough attention to your spiritual growth. If this speaks to you, teach yourself moderation in everything you do.

Reversed Page of Pentacles

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