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Composite Moon-Mars Aspects

Moon-Mars aspects in composite chart are extremely important, because they show how the emotions and passions interact in the relationship.

Unlike Synastry, Composite focuses on the different aspects of the relationship itself. Composite Moon shows shared feelings of the partners, as well as what makes the relationship emotionally secure.

Composite Mars is the heart of the couple’s energy and how they channel it together pursuing their goals, in their sex life, their temperament, etc.

It is always better to analyze both the composite and synastry chart together to get a bigger picture about the relationship. If you are interested, you can read more on Mars Aspects in Synastry: To Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars

Interpretations below can also be applied to Davison charts as well.

Composite Moon-Mars Aspects by

Composite Moon conjunct Mars:

This conjunction indicates heightened emotions in the relationship. When the sensitive side of the Moon meets with the fiery passion of the Mars, both partners fuel each other with a lot of primal stimulation. With conjunction, there are usually some similarities in emotional sharing as well.

Romantic partners can channel this energy to their sex life, but it also can erupt outside the bedroom. In this case, couple may have aggressive emotional reactions to one another. Even the smallest issues can escalate at a rapid rate if there is no mutual understanding.

How the Moon conjunct Mars aspect in a composite chart will manifest itself depends on the general context of the relationship as well as how the partners deal and express their emotions individually. Looking at natal and synastry charts can help to get a better understanding of this dynamic.

Even though it can be frustrating at times, this aspect has a lot of potential for growth. When partners learn to listen to each other, debate instead of fight, and work as a team, they can accomplish a lot together.

Composite Moon trine/sextile Mars:

These aspects indicate that energies between the Moon and Mars flow easier. Heated frictions are less common compared to the opposition/square, which makes it easier for partners to work together and pursue a common goal.

It feels enjoyable to be involved with each other- emotionally (Moon) and physically (Mars). Together, partners stimulate each other with passion, growth and adventure.

Moon trine/sextile Mars in a composite chart represent a natural chemistry, which doesn’t always have to be in a romantic relationship context. Friendships, partnerships and family connections can all benefit from these aspects.

Composite Moon square Mars:

With this aspect, couple may struggle with finding a common ground.

Composite Moon square Mars is a very passionate yet frustrating aspect, as the shared emotions (Moon) and desires (Mars) are in a clash. What we have here as a result is two people that trigger each other’s impulsivity and anger, even if it is not intentional. There can be a lack of sensitivity and understanding from both partners.

With Composite Moon square Mars aspect, energy is intensified like a volcano ready to erupt. Sexual frustration can lead to aggression. Small misunderstanding can build up and turn into resentment.

However, there are ways to deal with this tension. What is important here is to address issues with honesty and openness and allow each other to express feelings and desires freely.

Composite Moon opposite Mars:

How does Moon opposite Mars on a composite chart feel like? On one hand, there is an amazing sexual attraction. On the other, tension is so high that it is extremely hard to hold back when a fight breaks out. It is like a love-hate relationship.

Synastry and natal charts can reveal more on how this dynamic will manifest itself. Are both partners naturally fiery/aggressive in their natal charts? If so, this aspect can be very explosive. If one or both partners have a hard time expressing their feelings, resentment can build up in the relationship.

In non romantic relationships, these people can challenge and trigger each other constantly. This aspect tends to put competition above cooperation.

Composite Moon opposite Mars couple needs a healthy way to manage their emotional reactions. This can mean dialing down the impulsivity and trying to listen to each other more. If both partners are willing to work on their relationship, this can be a long lasting passionate journey.


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