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Composite Venus-Pluto Aspects

''I won't allow myself to love you gently. You deserve nothing less than my wild.'' S.D. Sargon

Composite Venus-Pluto Aspects by

Venus-Pluto aspects in a Composite chart adds a depth of intensity which can be felt both emotionally and unconsciously.

These aspects can be found in karmic or destined connections if there are more indications on both the Composite and Synastry charts.

Unlike the Synastry aspects, Composite focuses on couple’s shared attitude on love, values and resources as well as their power dynamics.

It is always better to analyze both the composite and synastry chart together to get a bigger picture about the relationship. You can read more on Venus aspects in Synastry and Pluto aspects in Synastry here.

Interpretations below can also be applied to Davison charts as well.

Composite Venus conjunct Pluto:

When Venus and Pluto come together in a composite chart, there is a burst of intense romantic and sexual attraction that can be hard to describe. On one hand there is a plutonic darkness about it, but the depth of feelings makes it hard to let go of each other.

But this kind of intensity have a limited shelf life for everyone. As things evolve, it is normal to not feel the same raw, sexual thirst at the beginning of the relationship. And this is usually the moment where the problems start to arise for the composite Venus conjunct Pluto aspect.

When the adrenaline rush dies down and life eventually gets in the way of passion- partners may feel ‘’love withdrawal’’ symptoms. This can lead to obsession, stalking, jealousy, and addiction.

But thankfully, Venus conjunct Pluto in a composite chart also brings a lot of agreement on love, intimacy, resources, needs and desires. Partners can express their deepest selves to each other. With these benefits, problems can be resolved if both partners are willing to put the effort.

Composite Venus conjunct Pluto energy of a couple mostly feels like an unconscious, psychological connection- it can trigger both positive and negative Plutonic/Venusian traits in both partners.

If it is a heavily Plutonic relationship in nature- there can be a lot of power struggles, possessiveness, and manipulation. When the feelings of insecurity and mistrust arise for one reason or the other- they tend to seek a lot of reassurance from their partner, which can feel emotionally taxing.

With this Composite aspect, sex is often one of the ways the couple feels reassured and validated in their bond. But there are also some dangers that come with it. For example, they may be staying in the relationship just for the mind-blowing sex, or use make up sex to ‘’fix’’ their disagreements.

Overall, with Composite Venus conjunct Pluto aspect, there is already a lot of passion- but passion alone is not enough. What this connection needs is building a solid foundation of trust, compassion and cooperation so that the relationship feels more grounded.

Composite Venus trine/sextile Pluto:

In synastry and composite, trine and sextile aspects make it easier to find a common ground in a relationship. Therefore, with the Venus trine/sextile Pluto aspects in a composite chart,

Plutonian intensity is dialed down a little bit- so there is more room for openness and honesty. Less chaos and drama, more stability so to speak.

Sexual attraction is still very intense with trine and sextile- but not in an ‘’all consuming’’ way like the conjunction, opposition or square.

With all these added benefits, there is usually a stronger potential for long term relationships.

Venus trine or sextile Pluto in a composite chart indicates that the relationship itself is a source of emotional transformation for both partners. They can dramatically change each other’s values and views for the better- even if the relationship is short lived, it makes a significant impact that is hard to forget.

Composite Venus square Pluto:

Square aspects in a composite or synastry chart generally indicate emotional tension and blocks between the energy of planets.

In the case of Composite Venus square Pluto, there is a clash between couple’s loving, tender nature (Venus) and their combined attitude towards power-control (Pluto).

This usually manifests itself as power struggles in a relationship. Especially if the relationship is Plutonic in nature, relationship is not so much about sharing love and affection- it is about who has the upper hand.

Like any Venus-Pluto aspect, Composite Venus square Pluto is also very sexually intense. However, due to the square energy, sex might turn into a way of controlling one another.

Dark traits of Pluto are emphasized in this connection- such as manipulation, crazy making, selfishness, and possessiveness. Since both the Pluto and Venus talks about finances, there can be a lot of disagreement on who controls the money and resources.

Composite chart indicates that both partners feel this energy- so unlike Synastry, it is not so much about who does what. But with the Composite Venus square Pluto, one partner may take the ‘’dominant/controlling’’ role (usually the most natally Plutonian partner), which can make the other partner feel like they are walking on eggshells around them. As the resentment and anger builds up, eventually, this partner may choose to break their shackles and leave the relationship.

These roles can switch back and forth as well, but the ‘’love-hate’’ paradox stays the same unless the couple makes a conscious effort to fix their problems.

Composite Venus opposite Pluto:

Venus opposite Pluto in a composite chart mainly indicates extreme differences in views and values on love, finances, resources.

Relationship tends to start off very fast, very sexual, very primitive. But also just like the square aspect, these opposing energies can take a toxic/abusive turn later on in the relationship. A deeper look into their natal Plutos and synastry chart can reveal more about the core issues.

For example, if there are other negative Venus-Pluto aspects in their synastry chart, or if it is a Plutonic relationship in nature- there can be a lot of power struggles on money, resources, sex and love. There can also be manipulation, restriction, paranoia, obsession, even violence. Usually, the most natally Plutonian partner tries to assert a psychological control over the other.

Even though Composite Venus opposite Pluto is a difficult aspect, it is equally seductive and hard to get out of- Due to the intense cycle of pull and push- on again, off again, or the love and hate.

This cycle can break if partners can learn to make necessary compromises for each other. With this composite aspect, there is a lot of unconscious transformation happening in the background. The key here is to bring a conscious awareness to these problems. It is about working together to not only grow their relationship, but also grow individually.


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