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THE WORLD Tarot Combinations with All Major Arcana Cards

What does the World card mean in a tarot combination?

As the last card of the Major Arcana, the World represents reaching completion and beginning of a new cycle. When drawn to clarify another card, it is generally indicative of new and exciting opportunities ahead. If the card you want to clarify is negative, the World is usually an encouraging ‘’future looks brighter’’ message. A positive card in combination with the World can often be interpreted as ‘’trust in your direction’.

Is the World card a yes or a no?

The World is one of the hardest cards to interpret, but in upright position it is often a yes to your question, especially if it involves a major life change.

The World Card Tarot Combinations

The World card Tarot Combinations with Major Arcana

The Fool and The World: Here, first and the last card of Major Arcana comes together, therefore this is a very powerful combination. Universe has your back. Go with the flow and take a leap of faith towards your next chapter in life. Closing old chapters and beginning anew. Freedom and travel. Situations beyond your control.

The Magician and The World: ''World is your oyster''. Abundance of opportunities in love, work or travel. Fulfilling your desires through your own willpower. Completion of an important work. A very charismatic leader/artist. Someone who values independence and freedom in relationships.

The High Priestess and The World: In this combination, previously secret or hidden information (High Priestess) is now completely revealed (World). Be open to new perspectives and possibilities. Your intuition holds the key to your question. Developing spiritual wisdom and psychic abilities.

The Empress and The World: Bringing out your divine feminine to the world. A new chapter that will bring a sense of love, abundance and harmony. Putting down roots, becoming established. Childbirth/mother figure. Completing a significant creative work.

The Emperor and The World: Awakening the divine masculine within. New opportunities and good fortune in career, family, wealth. Father figure/ a powerful boss. Successful completion in long term plans. Achieving stability and abundance.

The Hierophant and The World: Fulfilling a tradition, contract or formality. A traditionalist, mentor or a spiritual teacher. Conventional wisdom will lead to successful outcome. Religious institutions. Learning new philosophies and spiritual perspectives. Marriage.

The Lovers and The World: This combination often represents soulmates, karmic soul contracts or twin flames in love readings. Finding what makes you complete. Being at a crossroads, dilemma. A new beginning that feels destined/karmic. Long distance relationship or difference in religion, age or culture.

The Chariot and The World: You are in a position to take the opportunities that life has to offer. An individualistic, strong willed person determined to succeed. A big road trip, or traveling long distance. Trust in your direction. Moving away from obstacles.

The Strength and The World: Physical and emotional strength. Reaching closure or a desired outcome through your own inner power. Overcoming all trials, fortunate turn of events. Heighten your self-esteem and have courage on your path.

The Hermit and The World: Turning your back on the world, going within. Isolation, deep contemplation. New spiritual perspectives. Finding closure after a turbulent period. The Hermit and World combination advises you to open yourself up to the world when you are ready.

The Wheel of Fortune and The World: Predestined events. Trust the divine timing. Be patient. A fortunate turn of events. Moving to another country/traveling. Success is assured. ''What goes around comes around'' is this combination's theme.

The Justice and The World: Reaching a fair outcome. Marriage/ soulmates. Success in legal matters. Karmic justice is being served. Achieving balance in finances, health and relationships.

The Hanged Man and The World: A completely new perspective after a life changing experience. Stagnation/ pause period (Hanged Man) is being completed (World). New and exciting changes are arriving, pe patient.

The Death and The World: A necessary ending and an instant new beginning. Tie up loose ends and don’t look back. Tough transition period. Completely starting over. The situation is being irrevocably completed.

The Temperance and The World: Divine intervention. Trust divine timing. Temperance and World combination advises patience and contemplation. Restoring harmony/ Reconciliation. Finding life’s purpose.

The Devil and The World: Achieving freedom and closure after tough/karmic events. Completely detaching from toxic relationships, self indulgence, greed or addictions. Don’t let your ego run the show. Caution to act with discipline and your highest standards when making a big change.

The Tower and The World: A fresh new cycle begins with a sudden wake up call/karmic event. Achieving clarity and closure. A startling truth revealed. Time to move beyond your comfort zone and explore different options. Read more about The Tower and World Tarot Combination here

The Star and The World: Wish fulfillment. Follow your gut. Being hopeful about your path and the future. Restored faith and harmony. Material comfort, happiness.

The Moon and The World: Finding closure/fulfillment within. Listen to your intuition. Illusions/ secrets being illuminated. Think very carefully before you act. Anxiety/ fear to open up to the world.

The Sun and The World: A wonderful new beginning, achieving total satisfaction and harmony in all aspects of life.

The Judgement and The World: Spiritual awakening, a sudden major change. Traveling afar. Completion to a tough cycle, learning the whole truth about a situation or a person. Think very carefully and make your decision. Being satisfied (World) about the situation that is being final/settled (Judgement)


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