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The Death and Moon Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money, Health & More

The Death and Moon Tarot Combination in Astrology

The Death is associated with Scorpio zodiac sign, which is ruled by Pluto. In astrology, Pluto is the planet of transformation- therefore the Death tarot card is not just a definitive ending, it is a cycle of rebirth.

Pisces zodiac sign is symbolized by the Moon card, as both energies represent subconscious realm, emotions and sensitivity.

Scorpio and Pisces energies coming together in your tarot reading suggests that something is triggering you to uncover deep emotions that you repress and reject from your conscious mind.

The Death and Moon Tarot Combination in Numerology

The Death card is the 13th Major Arcana. As we all know, number 13 is popularly synonymous with bad omen. In actuality, it is no more or less lucky than any other number. This superstitious belief aside, in numerology number 13 represents cycle of rebirth and transformation.

The Moon tarot card is number 18, which holds the energies of 1 (beginning) and 8 (transformation) according to numerology.

The Death and Moon Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money, Health & More by

Note: Meaning behind the tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Death as the first card and the Moon as the second or ''the outcome'' card.

General Meaning of the Death and Moon Tarot Combination

The Death and Moon together symbolizes a very significant transition in your life.

Starting with the Death- arguably one of the most ‘’scary’’ and misunderstood card of Tarot. This card often shows up when there is an ending to something that no longer serves us. This is no longer a time to cling to the old ways- the Death tells us that a new beginning must emerge from the ashes.

Yes, the Death most likely represents a difficult period in your life, and it is a fatalistic card- but as there is a dawn after every dusk, there is always a new birth after death.

Next card in your reading, the Moon shows an emotionally delicate time after the Death situation- there can be a lot of confusion, fear and pain involved during this time.

With its cyclic nature, the Moon is associated with emotional phases.

The Moon card in this combination is like the dark night of the soul. The Death card features a gloomy sunset behind the skeleton knight and the pale horse, signaling the arrival of the night. This is the moment when the Sun is yet to rise, and things are barely clear under the Moon’s light.

Together, the Death and Moon is a transformation on the deepest level- it is your shadow work. Before the symbolical Sun rises, and you begin your new chapter, this phase is taking you to the underbelly of your emotions, so you can free yourself from the shadows of the past and move towards acceptance.

The Death and Moon Tarot Combination in Love

With the Death card, you are turning the page to the next chapter of your life- but there is a difficult, yet necessary ending you need to deal with first.

The Death card in love readings often symbolizes break ups, but it is not always the case. This is a time when relationships go through a period of transformation. Some relationships survive through these fundamental changes, some don’t.

Another meaning of the Death is the ending of an old way of life. If you are single for example, this may change with the Death card.

The Moon card after Death emphasizes the moment before a new beginning arrives.

Whatever the Death represents for you, this situation is bringing a surge of emotions to the surface with the Moon.

During this time, there may be some difficult things you need to accept and let go. You may feel confused, afraid and uncertain about your connection. Your dreams and intuition may be giving you signals- don’t ignore them.

With the Moon card, there is also a theme of something being kept in the dark. So in some cases, it can represent repressed emotions, denial, secrets or affair.

The Death and Moon tarot combination as someone’s feelings suggest that this person is going through an internal transformation and as a result, they are dealing with a lot of turbulent emotions. With the Moon, they may choose to keep their feelings to themselves until they are ready. Alternatively, there can be a psychic connection with the Moon.

The Death and Moon Tarot Combination in Work and Money

The Death card often represents a metaphorical ‘’death’’ situation in your work and finances. You may be quitting your job, going through a financial loss, or perhaps you are just leaving an old mindset.

Whatever the case is, the Death situation may seem inevitable and painful, but it always heralds a new beginning.

The Moon as the next card shows that you are going through difficult emotions as a result of this ending. If you are still clinging to the past, this is a time to cut your losses and move on.

The Death and Moon together can be a message of caution if you are in denial about your practical matters, or if you are choosing to escape from the reality due to fear or doubt.

Alternatively with the Moon, things may be kept hidden from you. Trust your gut if something doesn’t feel right. Be careful about contracts and big decisions at this time.

The Death and Moon Tarot Combination in Health

Don’t panic when you see this card- The Death very rarely symbolizes a literal death scenario.

It can rather be about a difficult internal or external situation in your life that is affecting your health.

With the Moon card in your reading, there can be denial, confusion or neglect towards your health. It is important that you nourish your mental and emotional wellbeing during this ‘’Death’’ period. Reduce stress and prioritize self care.

Alternatively, the Moon card is associated with menstrual cycles and fertility. If you feel unwell, don’t ignore your symptoms.


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