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The Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money, Health & More

The Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money and Health by

The Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination in Astrology

In astrology, the Emperor Tarot card is associated with the Aries zodiac sign which is ruled by Mars.

The Devil represents the Earth sign Capricorn- or the planet Saturn.

When Mars energy meets Saturn, this is mainly about fighting against limitations and obligations.

The Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination in Numerology

In numerology, 4th card of Major Arcana- the Emperor symbolizes stability and structure.

The Devil’s number 15 represents ambition, independence and adventure.

Therefore, the Emperor and Devil together has the energy of number 19- reduced to 1. (1+9=10, 1+0=1)

Number 1 in numerology is a symbol of new beginnings, action and power.

General Meaning of the Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination

As you may have noticed, this is a heavily masculine pair.

The Emperor is the ultimate leader/father figure of Tarot. He is all about control and structure.

The Devil on the other hand, talks about losing control. It also warns us about excess and extremity, in this case, the Devil points to the Emperor.

When the Devil corrupts the Emperor, power struggles, greed and addictions come to mind. It is generally a warning sign about a behavior, person or a situation in your life that is not healthy for you.

Let’s explore this in detail:

The Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination in Love

In a relationship reading, the Emperor and Devil together draws your attention to the power dynamics in your connection.

If there is a power imbalance between you, like a game of tug of war- these cards may be suggesting that it is time to drop the rope and see your relationship for what it actually is.

Is this connection weighing you down, or is it elevating you? Is it addiction or is it true love?

The Emperor and Devil tarot combination represents a lot of heavy feelings such as control, lust and obsession.

While the ‘’controlling’’ or the dominant person in the relationship (aka the Emperor) is driven by selfish motivations, the other may be stuck in a cycle of anger, fear and resentment (the Devil).

These are just some of the examples. But whether you are in a relationship or not, this tarot combination is urging you to release yourself from unhealthy attachments and negative thinking patterns. Let it go if it is no longer serving you.

The Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination in Work/Money

The Emperor and Devil combination in your reading can either represent your attitude towards success and wealth, or a situation/person around you.

If this is about you, the Emperor shows your desire and determination to build something solid in your life. This is a good sign, but when you draw the Devil as the outcome/clarification card, you need to be careful about not losing control over these desires. Greed is one of the warnings here. When you do things in excess, it can bring more harm than good.

Also, pay close attention to how you are managing your finances, as the Devil card may sometimes represent shopping addiction, gambling, reckless spending, etc.

If the Emperor and Devil represents an external situation instead, you need to be careful about who you trust in your work environment. This can be an authority figure who is very selfish, ruthless and bossy. It can also be about someone who is controlling your money, making you feel powerless, etc.

Regardless, the Emperor and Devil combination in your work/money reading is advising you assess your situation clearly and to take control over whatever is harming your success.

The Emperor and Devil Tarot Combination in Health

More often than not, the Devil in health readings is a sign that you are neglecting your wellbeing. It can also point to addictions or reckless behavior.

With the Emperor, this can be a stressful time about your work and finances, or someone who is emotionally draining you.

When you draw these cards, think of the ways how you can take control of your health. Remove yourself from unhealthy situations. If you are having signs and symptoms, don’t ignore them.

Is the Emperor and Devil tarot combination a yes or a no?

These cards talk about a negative situation that you need to assess carefully, so outcome is mainly up to you. It is a ‘’yes’’ if you choose to take control over your life and make a few healthy changes.

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