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The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money and Health

The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Love, Work, Money, Health, Astrology and Numerology

These cards have very different energies. The High Priestess is an aspect of the sacred feminine: Her purpose is to understand mysteries of life by tapping into her intuition.

With this combination, she meets with the Devil in her journey. From a spiritual standpoint, the Devil can represent a negative attachment that the High Priestess is trying to break from.

In real life experiences, The Devil tarot card does not always manifest itself as an immediate danger- like a beast you need to escape from. It can be elusive, addictive and perhaps attractive. This is how the Devil puts his shackles on us.

The High Priestess and Devil together also have an undertone of occult and magic. So if you are a practitioner, it can be a significant message for you.

The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Astrology

Astrologically, the High Priestess Tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer and planet Moon. It represents intuition, emotions, spirituality, and duality.

The Devil in Tarot is represented by zodiac sign Capricorn or planet Saturn. It is the card of worldly pleasures, obsession, addiction, fear and toxic relationships.

This combination resembles Moon conjunct Saturn energy- which represents a significant emotional journey.

The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Numerology

The High Priestess is number 2, representing duality and harmony.

The Devil is the 15th- This number represents material possessions, independence and ambition.

Together, they create the number 8 (2+1+5)- This number is all about power and transformation, it is also a karmic number.

The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Love

Both cards are not very favorable when it comes to relationships. The High Priestess indicates that there is something hidden in the connection- it could be deep, unrevealed feelings, secrets or affair.

And she is pointing to the Devil. The Devil in love readings can be intense and sexual, as well as obsessive and manipulative.

The High Priestess and Devil tarot combination might be an indication of a karmic relationship. These two are not good for each other, but they also can’t get away. It reminds me of “With or Without you’’ by U2.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, this combination could be talking about a third party. In this case, this person may have negative emotions or intentions towards you or your relationship, like jealousy.

If you are single and there is no specific person you are asking about, the High Priestess and Devil could represent a negative mindset towards relationships.

The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Work and Money

The High Priestess in Tarot can be quite difficult to interpret because it is one of those cards that doesn’t reveal her secrets. It can represent a person, situation, or a decision. Whatever it is you are asking about has a hidden or mysterious aspect to it, which is almost a never good thing in work and money readings.

And in your combination, she is sitting next to the Devil. The Devil in work/money readings can represent jealousy, fear, obsession, greed, financial loss or dependency- any sort of negative attachment that you need to get away from.

The clear message here is that you need to assess your situation very clearly. Is there something that makes you feel trapped or confused?

If it involves other people, they may not have the best intentions towards you.

The High Priestess and Devil Tarot Combination in Health

The High Priestess and Devil together in a health reading could be warning you about an addiction or a negative mindset. It could be something that you are not aware of.

It can also be about an external situation that is affecting your wellbeing. Regardless, make sure to pay more attention to your physical and emotional wellbeing at this time.


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