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Tarot Guide of Twin Flames: 16 Cards That May Surprise You

Twin Flame journey a highly debated topic. Some believe it, some don’t. In my opinion, only the people who go through the twin flame journey can truly understand the intensity of it.

Finding your Twin Flame brings more questions than answers. It is rarely a story of finding the one then sailing into the sunset together. It is less linear than that- more like ups and downs, bliss then chaos.

These transitions are called Twin Flame stages. Each person’s experience varies depending on their individual karmic lessons, but generally, these are the stages that signifies a Twin Flame journey:

  • Yearning for the one

  • Union, or ''the bliss''

  • Challenges or Separation

  • Runner-Chaser dynamic

  • Acceptance and Surrender

  • Reunion

Tarot can help you find the answers you seek about your Twin Flame story- but there is not a single card that gives a definite answer about the Twin Flames. Instead, there are many cards with significantly different meanings, as well as combinations- depending on which stage you are in. There are some obvious cards like the Lovers, and there are some that may surprise you.

Since the Twin Flame journey less worldly and more spiritual and karmic, we focus on Major Arcana. Why is that?

Having multiple Major Arcana Tarot cards in your Twin Flame spread is one of the main signs that your connection is guided by forces of destiny. These can be karmic life lessons, significant transitions or soul connections.

Minor Arcana Tarot cards can also give you a lot of information about your Twin Flame- especially the Suit of Cups. But since Minor Arcana represents things like actions, emotions and thoughts- it depends more on individual experience and choices.

Here is a list of Tarot cards that represent different stages of a Twin Flame journey (in no particular order):

Tarot Guide of Twin Flames: 16 Cards That May Surprise You by

Stage: Yearning, Union, Reunion

This is the most obvious Twin Flame sign in Tarot. The Lovers illustrates Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden- arguably the first Twin Flames.

This card shows love in the heavens, a soul bond- so there is a possibility that it hasn’t manifested in the material realm yet. You can certainly see The Lovers card in your Twin Flame reading during union or reunion, but also before you meet them- while you are still yearning for the one.

Stages: Yearning, Challenges or Separation, Runner-Chaser, Acceptance

You may wonder why I have included the Hermit in the list. How can it possibly relate to Twin Flames?

I have seen Hermit many times in Twin Flame readings after a crisis or during an awakening. The Hermit describes a time where the person feels the need to withdraw from the world and turn inward when things get too confusing. There are either things to let go, or truths to accept. There can be feelings of loneliness or yearning. Runner or chaser twin may be awakening to the connection during the Hermit phase. Regardless, the Hermit shows up when one or both twin flames are reflecting deeply on their journey.

Stages: Reunion, Acceptance and Surrender

Six of Cups is a beautiful Tarot card depicting a happy childhood memory. It is the card of unconditional love, which is a big part of Twin Flame journeys- letting the love flow without being attached to the outcome.

Reunions and reconciliations are indicated with this card, but there is also a nostalgic theme about the Six of Cups- you may possibly see it in your tarot reading when you are missing your Twin Flame- in the Acceptance and Surrender phase.

Stages: All

The Wheel of Fortune is a card of karma and fated circumstances, so you can expect to see it in all stages of a Twin Flame journey. It can signify a turning point in the connection- most of the time for the better. For example, if you are in separation and you draw the Wheel of Fortune in future outcome position, there is a high chance that you will meet again. Regardless, whenever you draw the Wheel of Fortune, it is time to trust the universe.

Stages: Union, Reunion

Just like the Lovers card, this is another strong sign of Twin Flames- especially when it is paired with other cards. Two of Cups shows harmonious unions, two hearts becoming one. It can also represent soul mates. What separates it from the Lovers is that it is more physical and tangible.

Stages: Runner and Chaser, Challenges and Separation

You might see the Eight of Swords card in your reading during times that you are confused, unable to make a decision, feeling hopeless, perhaps even betrayed after a separation.

This mostly indicates the Chaser mentality. When you see the Eight of Swords and you are chasing your Twin Flame, it is time to stop and choose yourself. The Eight of Swords is a self created mental prison that you need to get yourself out from. Show yourself the love and compassion you truly deserve.

Stages: Union, Reunion

The Four of Wands is a joyful card of celebrations, unions and weddings. In the Rider-Waite illustration, 4 wands looks exactly like number 11- a number that commonly known as the numerological symbol of Twin flame connections.

Stages: Yearning, Union, Reunion

The Justice card is the 11th card of Major Arcana. Number 11 is associated with the Twin Flames, as it represents two souls coming together. It is a highly karmic card, whic is mainly about reaching fairness and equality. The Justice card can be an indication of union, but you might also draw it when you are about the meet your ‘’equal’’.

Stages: Runner and Chaser, Challenges

You may be surprised to see the Devil in this list. If you are interested, I have an article that explains the combination of the Lovers and the Devil which fits perfectly into Twin Flame readings.

Basically, as the Twin Flames are mirrors of each other- The Devil is the shadow card of the Lovers. It can show a karmic bond between two people, that needs to elevate its frequency to the Lovers. From addiction to obsession, to unconditional love.

You may draw the Devil when you feel shackled and misguided in your journey. There may be some unhealthy attachments- like the Runner and Chaser dynamic- that you need to get out from.

Stages: Runner and Chaser, Challenges and Separation, Acceptance and Surrender

The Hanged Man is a mysterious card, but it represents many stages of the Twin Flame journey. Most importantly, it is a card of sacrifice and surrender. When you draw the Hanged Man (especially paired with the Devil) you may feel stuck in your journey. Acceptance and letting go may be the sacrifice you need to make, but mainly, you need to look at things in a different perspective.

Stages: Union, Reunion

The Temperance shows an angel pouring the essence of life from one chalice to the other, representing an alchemical process of union, just like the differences.

The Temperance is a very spiritual card, and it can indicate merging your essences into one with your Twin flame.

Stages: All

The World is the last card of Major Arcana. It shows the cyclical nature of the universe and divine timing, which are crucial aspects of the Twin Flame journeys. It can indicate ‘’miracle’’ like events in your connection.

The World is also about feeling whole, reaching completion and beginning anew.

Stages: Yearning, Reunion

The Star is the card of renewed faith after a hardship. When you draw the Star in your Twin Flame reading, you trust the divine timing, you feel refreshed and hopeful again. Therefore it can represent a time of reconciliation with your Twin Flame, or when you are hoping to meet them.

Stages: Challenges and Separation, Acceptance and Surrender

The Judgement represents a time of resurrection. In your Twin Flame journey, it can represent a karmic event that leads to your rebirth- an awakening. When you draw the Judgement in future outcome position, you are reaching a turning point and important decisions has to be made.

Stages: Challenges and Separation

One of the fatalistic cards of Tarot, the Tower represents destructive events that are beyond our control.

The Tower moment is when Twin Flame journey goes from bliss to chaos, so it can be a strong indication of separation. Instead of focusing on the upheaval, it is probably best to focus on yourself, purge and heal your emotions at this time.

Stages: Challenges and Separation

The Death card can show up in your reading when there is a significant transformation in your Twin Flame journey. With it, Twins may separate for a while in order to focus on themselves alone. However, the Death card is never a definitive ending- it is also a new beginning.


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