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The FOOL and WHEEL of FORTUNE Tarot Combination in Love, Work and Finances

The Fool and Wheel of Fortune Combination in Tarot

As the first card of Major Arcana numbered 0, the Fool is the main character of Tarot.

Everything about the Fool card seems ‘’foolish’’ at first. He starts a journey from zero- no life experience, nothing to protect him from the outside world, with just a dog, simple clothes and a small satchel. He is getting dangerously close to the edge of a cliff, yet he keeps walking without a care in the world.

What this naïve young boy represents is what we all face in significant moments of our lives: A desire to follow our hearts to the unknown.

It is this core desire that starts your journey when you draw the Fool and Wheel of Fortune combination. We see the Fool taking a leap of faith towards the spiral of life that is Wheel of Fortune.

Traditionally, the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot represents good luck, but it is much deeper than that. It is the karmic cycle of life, weaved with ups and downs and circumstances beyond human control.

Both of these cards have a lot to do with fate, but none of them can exactly tell you what will be the outcome of this journey. When you draw Fool and Wheel of Fortune together, expect the unexpected.

With the Fool, even though you are not fully equipped for what’s to come, you are being invited to trust the universe and take a chance. With the Wheel of Fortune next to it, you are reminded that no matter what the future holds, you are where you need to be.

The Fool and Wheel of Fortune Tarot Combination in Love

Have you met someone significant? Starting a new relationship? Are you making a big decision in your love life? Will it last? Regardless of what’s happening right now, most importantly, does this whole thing feels ‘’meant to be’’?

The Fool and Wheel of Fortune together in a love reading can have many interpretations, but one thing is for certain for all: This is a significant, most likely a fated beginning in your life. At times it may feel scary, yet your heart is being pulled into it.

If you are wondering about someone’s feelings for you, the Fool and Wheel of Fortune combination shows a pure hearted intention to start something new with you.

Even though the outcome of your question is not clear with these cards, with the Fool you are advised to listen to your heart as your guidance. As the following card, Wheel of Fortune hints us that good luck and changes are ahead regarding this change.

The Fool and Wheel of Fortune Tarot Combination in Work and Finances

The Fool and Wheel of Fortune combination here represents a fresh new start: whether you are starting your own business, your education, getting a new job or perhaps moving to a different place. In any case, what awaits for you in the horizon is both foreign and exciting for you.

The Fool may also be warning you about the dangers ahead. This is a situation where you will need to take a leap of faith towards an unknown, or something you probably have little to no experience.

Fool’s approach is not entirely beneficial when it comes to work and finances, therefore if you are making a big change or a decision, follow your heart but have a plan in mind.

But not to worry, because the Wheel of Fortune in your reading is all about endless opportunities and good fortune. It also says ‘’ what goes around comes around’’. So especially if you had been working towards a goal, you will reap the rewards soon.


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