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Tarot Cards Combinations: The Tower and Hanged Man

This is one of those combinations that sticks in your mind long after the reading.

As one of the most controversial and bewildering cards of tarot, the Hanged Man represents a complete surrender to what lies ahead.

Therefore seeing the crumbling walls and crashing thunders of the Tower right next to it can be an intimidating sight.

The Tower and Hanged Man Astrological Associations

The Tower card is associated with Aries zodiac sign which is ruled by Mars. Mars can be both destructive and constructive, depending how it is utilized- just like the Tower energy.

The Hanged Man is associated with Neptune, ruler of Pisces- a planet of mysticism and illusion. Just like the Hanged Man, Neptune escapes the everyday reality through spirituality and fantasy, sometimes to the point of self delusion.

Whenever I see Tower and Hanged Man together, karma releasing comes to mind.

Indeed, the Tower is a notoriously frightening card. It represents events that shake your foundations, which often arrive in an inevitable, painful and unexpected way. However, with the Hanged Man by its side, you are now invited in this limbo state to see this Tower moment from an entirely different perspective: an opportunity to clear away painful patterns from your past, letting go of what no longer serves you.

Both cards represent higher forces at play, or situations you cannot control, depending on your perspective. This is where the Hanged Man says: the one thing you can always control is how you respond and deal with the things which are out of your control.

In short, the Tower and Hanged Man combination in tarot represents a massive transformational energy where the outcome highly depends on your own willpower and spiritual awareness.

The Tower and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Love

This duo represents a significant event that will shape your future perspective on love.

Whether you are single, married or in a relationship, there is a painful truth that needs to be dealt with (the Tower) which will make your life turn upside down for a while (the Hanged Man).

In some extreme cases, Tower and Hanged Man together can be interpreted as a divorce, break up or loss of a loved one.

However I don’t necessarily see this combination as an definite conclusion, but more so as a period of pause/ separation in which there is a lot of healing that needs to be done.

To me, the Tower and Hanged Man duo is also about releasing your karmic bonds. It is about learning to forgive the actions of Tower and spiritually evolving by choosing to trust your soul path.

Since this combination is a tough healing process, emotions involved is constantly evolving. Therefore, the Tower and Hanged Man as feelings may represent anything from forgiveness or resentment, letting go or getting stuck. What is clear is that they are trying to move on from a feeling of loss or sadness. They are probably very closed off and cautious towards love at this time.

The Tower and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Work and Finances

A dramatic change (the Tower) which will force you on a temporary period of pause (the Hanged Man).

Tower here may represent leaving your current work/ career path or a significant financial loss. The Hanged Man puts things on a stagnation period, but it is up to you to open yourself up to new perspectives and use this time to invest in your knowledge and skills.

Whatever you choose to do next, clear advice here is to learn the lessons you need to learn from the Tower moment and don’t look back.

The Tower and Hanged Man Tarot Combination in Health

After an unexpected health problem (the Tower) comes a period of healing and reflection (the Hanged Man).

Both the Tower and Hanged Man’s advice is to break unhealthy patterns. Alternatively, it can also be a warning about an extremely stressful outside situation that is affecting your health.

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