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The Death and Emperor Tarot Combination in Love,Work,Money,Health & 13/4 Tarot Birth Cards

Note: Meaning behind tarot combinations greatly differ based on the order of the cards you receive. These interpretations are written for when you receive the Emperor card as the ‘’clarifying’’ or the ‘’outcome’’ card, after the Death.

The Death and Emperor Tarot Combination in Love,Work,Money,Health & 13/4 Tarot Birth Cards by

''Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.'' Robert Tew

The Death and Emperor Tarot Combination in Astrology

Scorpio zodiac sign is associated with the Death tarot card. In astrology, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto- an intense planet of transformation.

Emperor card is represented by zodiac sign Aries which is ruled by Mars. This fiery energy is all about action, willpower and authority.

The Death and Emperor Tarot Combination in Numerology

The Death is 13th card in Major Arcana. This number is popularly synonymous with bad omen. In actuality, it is no more or less lucky than any other number. This superstitious belief aside, in numerology number 13 represents cycle of rebirth and transformation.

The Emperor tarot card’s number is 4- which represents stability and structure. It is a very earthly and masculine energy.

Together, The Death and Emperor tarot combination has the energy of 8 (1+3+4) which is a powerful number of balance, infinity and transformation.

The Death and Emperor Tarot Combination in Love

The Death card represents an ending in your love life, but also a new beginning.

Most likely, this is a tough transition for you. Some relationships are not meant to last forever. Sometimes, we hope for the best when we know deep down that things are not getting any better. We cling on past mistakes and hurts, not ready to give future a chance. It is possible that you draw the Death card in one of these times.

This is a transformation of the heart. Whatever it is you are going through that is represented by the Death, whether it be a separation, loss or grief- this experience is meant to change you at your core and it all starts with acceptance.

Which brings us to the next card in your reading, the Emperor. The Emperor energy is all about taking these past lessons and bringing an order to the chaos that the Death card symbolizes.

With the Death experience, you probably didn’t have too much control over what happened. Now you move into the Emperor energy- and all it takes is your willpower to start rebuilding again.

Alternatively, if you are asking about a love interest or a partner, the Death and Emperor tarot combination shows that they are going through a period of transformation in their life. Their feelings are quite intense- and with the Emperor- perhaps working on their stability and structure is their priority at this time. This person is going to be ready to start their new chapter in love once they let go of the past.

The Death and Emperor Tarot Combination in Work/Money

During the Death card experience, you may be at a time where you are quitting your current job, dealing with a financial loss, or your plans may come to an abrupt halt. Whatever it is, if you haven’t gone through the full transformation process yet- you may be finding it hard to go through this significant change.

Your next chapter starts with letting go of the past and accepting your future. The Death is not a definitive ending, it is a cycle of rebirth. It is about taking the lessons of the past to rebuild in the future. So what is holding you back? What are you afraid of?

Good news is that next card in clarification/outcome position is a strong indication that you are going to be able to overcome this situation. The Emperor encourages you to conquer your fears of taking action. During this time, focus on how you can make your foundation stronger. Learn from the past.

The Death and Emperor combination’s message for you is: Success is waiting for you in the future- all it takes is your willpower to go through obstacles and claim it.

The Death and Emperor Tarot Combination in Health

Don’t panic- it is extremely rare to see the Death card as literal Death.

However, it is also very likely that you are going through a painful or difficult transition in your life. This could be about a health problem, or an external situation that is affecting your wellbeing.

Next card in your reading- the Emperor is generally a good sign of vitality.

Overall, the Death and Emperor together tells you that you don’t need to keep going all the time. If you are fatigued or overstressed, take a break. Don't be afraid to ask for help and support of the others if you need to.

The Death and Emperor (13/4) Tarot Birth Cards Explained

For most, early life of 13/4 life path is not easy. The Death energy suggests that there is usually an experience of loss or an ending that completely changes them at the core level.

But this is exactly why they are one of the most powerful and determined people. If you are on the Death-Emperor life path- you are an agent of transformation.

Your soul purpose is to realize and claim your inner power, and this comes from transmuting these intense and painful experiences.

People around you may perceive you to be assertive, serious and competitive. You value loyalty and structure.

Once you realize your Emperor energy, others may ask for your leadership and guidance. Yes, as 13/4 life path leadership is your natural gift- but just like you would train a muscle to be stronger, you will need to train your willpower to succeed.

One of the most important lesson for you is to not let the past hold you back. With the Death card, life may test you time and time again- but with the Emperor, you are here to build your empire.


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